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The Elections Board has released  the full list of candidate for CCSC, and the competitive races are few and far between. In fact, only three races are contested this year – 2010 and 2012 class councils, and academic affairs representative. The races for Executive Board, 2011 class council, University Senate, and student services and pre-professional representatives all have just enough candidates to fill the positions.

The race for 2012, though, could provide some entertainment, with five different sets of candidates for president and vice-president. Oh, and one student representative candidate? A Mr. Jose “Stephan” Perez. Perhaps the celebratory swig will become “Pregame LOL!” Full list below, with contested races first.

UPDATE: Cliff Massey’s ticket now includes a third candidate for representative, Lena Fan. According to Massey, “there was an issue with Lena’s registration form” that has since been resolved.

2010 Class Council

Clear Party:  Cliff Massey (president), Evelyn Phan (VP), Asher Grodman, Ruqayyah Abdul-Karim, Lena Fan

The Party: AJ Pascua (president), Valerie Sapozhnikova (VP), Joey Goldberg, Shirley Chen, Maximo Cubilette

2012 Class Council

Access Columbia: Aki Terasaki (president), Sarah Chai (VP), Brandon Christophe, Jasmine Senior, Kenny Durell

Action: Trenton Barnes (president), Narine Atamian (VP)

B.A.M.: Michelle Kwak (president), Brandi Ripp (VP)

Fianna Fail: William Prasifka (president), David Lynch (VP)

The Papageorge Party: Anthony Arias (president), Theo Papageorge (VP), Jose Stephan Perez, Jiwoo Lee, Evan Johnston

Independent Class Representative Candidates: Mary Shorey, Kayla Daly

Academic Affairs Rep: Gilad Bendheim, Karen Woodin

Executive Board: Sue Yang (president), Sarah Weiss (VP – Policy), Deysy Ordonez (VP – Campus Life), Sana Khalid (VP – Communications), Nuriel Moghavem (VP – Funding)

2011 Class Council: Learned Foote (president), Sean Udell (VP), Alexandra Coromilas, Sonya Chandra, Tom Amegadzie

Pre-Professional Rep: Melissa Im

University Senator (2 elected):Alex Frouman, Tim Lam

Student Services Rep (2 elected): Priyanka Gumaste, Stephanie Wilhelm


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  1. wow  

    even the SENATE race is not contested?

    columbia students should be embarrassed.

  2. spelling  

    It's Priyanka Gumaste. and Ruqayyah Abdul-Karim

    and also, is cliff not running with a third rep?

  3. moar spelling  

    Asher, not Ashar

  4. say  

    what you will about CCSC, but the USenate is really important. it is very sad that there aren't even a handful of students interested in directly affecting university policy, and that the seats are just going to be given to these randos.

    then again, we had a choice last year and chose monica...maybe this scheme will work just as well!

  5. Alexandra Coromilas  

    Coromilas is a cutie. too bad i'm 09 and couldn't care less.

  6. Anonymous  


  7. congrats  

    to white russian

  8. varun  

    CUE represent! :) shoutout to 3/5 of the e-board for keeping our presence strong. next year is gonna rock!

  9. jaded  

    I am more apathetic about CCSC than most things at Columbia which don't concern me. But, you know, good that they throw dances and have free food around campus, sometimes. I'm sure the hours of stress and diversion studies is measurably worth the marginal utility in a resume or the pleasure at having a position/minor celebrity on campus.

  10. that's cute  

    the class of 2012 cares!

  11. Jesus

    The lack of candidates for student body president reflects really badly on the college.

  12. Complainers...  

    For all the people complaining about a lack of candidates... if you're not running yourselves you really have no right to complain

    • Senior  

      I'm a senior, and I'm embarrassed by the lack of candidates.

    • Agree  

      personally, i didn't want to run for anything. but for all the people whining, why didn't you run? i mean, the whole thing was printed in the spec, i got an email about running, and there was a website too.

      if you're hating the situation, you had the chance to change it, but you didn't.

  13. power play  

    congratulations to aj pascua. does anyone even know the people in cliff's party?

  14. AJ'S  

    party is sooooo much better than Cliff's, it's just a refection of their personality.

  15. sarah

    go evelyn go evelyn!!

  16. 2011 but  

    I wish I were 2012 so I could vote for Aki Terasaki!

  17. The real question  

    is how could you possibly think that this is an appropriate joke in any context?

  18. uh  

    so, sue yang is next study body president? she is running unopposed?

    • yea, so  

      sue was looking mighty smug the other day. let's make sure to hold her accountable. just because she is unopposed doesn't mean she's without equal or superior in this arena. Having "fresh" CCSC members could become a synonym for inexperience and disaster.

  19. disgusted  

    whoever wrote the "shirley's baby" comment should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Comments such as these detract from and sensationalize the extremely serious issue of abortion, which is a difficult choice for anyone who may find themselves faced with it. The comment also clearly exposes a hater who lacks aim and veracity and has chosen instead to shoot out venom arbitrarily along the most dramatic possible avenues. Also, to the idiot, let's be real, someone who has more than three abortions is likely to need a hysterectomy before they would ever be able to have another. It's a wonder people like you got into Columbia.

    • to yeah, #35  

      are we sure this person even goes to columbia? who the hell spells their as "there" anymore? We're in COLLEGE. If you are going to insult someone in such a low brow sort of way, at least SPELL correctly. sheesh. It's funnier because you suck at spelling at an ivy league institution.

  20. looking good

    Congratulations to Sue Yang, there is no doubt in my mind she will do an amazing job, and I trust her to have chosen the right teammates. While Cliff has made a decent attempt, I agree with the majority that AJ has brought together the stronger team. Maximo, Valerie, and Joey are definitely experienced and informed with the field. People shouldn't give Shirley so much shit -- the girl is smart and will bring new ideas to the table.
    Perhaps with these ppl in charge CCSC will be more successful at fighting the administration's "war on fun?"

  21. who is  

    the white russian????

  22. valerie

    is the white russian. sapozdfhgknkova. hotttt.

  23. Mike

    New voices/great choices . . . . Prasifka and Lynch for 2012 Class Council

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