EC Threatened From Above

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Bwog has been informed that the above treasure is the first thing that greets your eyes when you enter the EC lobby. Professor-in-residence Harrist discovered it on his deck.

As everyone slogging towards the housing process finish line knows, East Campus is nice. Nice enough for professors to consent to live there, despite the social disadvantages of sharing a building with 700 undergrads and about half as many clean pairs of underwear at any given time. Don’t scare them away. And don’t leave your shoes on the windowsill.

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  1. I hope  

    that "Professor's Harrist's" was not the one to create the sign...

  2. deck?  

    not that it wouldn't be cool if it hit his desk, but that seems pretty impossible - who has an open air desk in march?

  3. Deck, bwog.

    Deck, not desk.

  4. Anonymous  

    no one reads the spec

  5. Dude:  

    I totally read the Spec. Every day. Not even being sarcastic.

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