Housing: Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines!

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So you caught a break when Housing decided to give you until 11 this morning to get your group’s proverbial shit together. But you didn’t, and now that convoluted-as-hell deadline for putting together your ideal Room Selection group has officially passed. 

That means you are now procrastinating a trip to 125 Hartley 125 Wallach to sweet-talk the housing people into adding your group. And you know they WILL laugh at your idiocy.

If you’re not involved with messy group housing shenanigans, you have until 5 p.m. to submit your application for housing. Groups also have a little under 6 hours left to submit their final application, provided everyone’s been added.

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  1. correction!  

    125 Wallach, not Hartley

  2. Am I the only one...  

    Whose group fizzled out on him at the last minute?
    FUCK this.

  3. cue the spellcheck  


  4. question...  

    my housing app still says "not complete" even though everyone finished all the steps. explanation?

  5. it will  

    only say complete once you get a lottery number after spring break, and you have picked a room and you have signed a housing agreement.

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