Sexy Time with the History Channel

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History Professor David Eisenbach, who served as communications director for Mike “I’m bat-shit insane and running for President” Gravel, is about to make it big. He announced via an email to, as far as we can tell, his entire address book that he will finally fulfill his life’s dream this Sunday. What do history professors dream about? Election reform? World peace? A hoard of ravenous groupies? Nothing, it turns out, but their own show on The History Channel. 

We’re not talking reenacted battle-scenes or animated archaeological models here. Eisenbach’s show, The Beltway Unbuckled: How History Got Made in the Bedroom, could get pretty raunchy. After watching you’ll “never look at Abe the same way again!”

The pilot–created, written and hosted by Eisenbach–will air this Sunday at 8pm. It’s just a pilot, so tune in to support Eisenbach/sex! Maybe if the show continues they’ll do a segment on fantasy pairings like Barack and Hillary. I mean, um, ew.

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  1. why is this  

    professor so omniscient?

    Eisenbach of his head!

  2. wow

    did you really misspell Barack?

  3. also,

    this show actually sounds kind of cool.

  4. Eisenbach  

    is a shame on this school. his work (and his actions) make him completely ridiculous. how is this guy still drawing a salary as a professor?

  5. eh..  

    It could be cool but I have a feeling Eisenbach will spend the whole time talking about himself...sort of like his class.

  6. you can  

    become a fan of him on facebook, although he's enough of a fan of himself that it seems a little redundant.

  7. Alum 08

    Eisenbach is a great professor. He's very knowledgeable on the topics he lectures about and has a very unique and entertaining lecture demeanor. His classes offer a fun approach to politics that are both revealing and educational. He has to give classes in big classrooms, not just because of his class' size, but because he has regular attendance from many students who aren't even enrolled in his courses, they just come to hear him speak.

  8. i wonder if he is gonna  

    explain that he's not gay during the pilot, just to clarify....

  9. eisenbach  

    seriously needs to quit smoking. he REEKS of cigarettes all the time.

  10. sooo

    I don't know how this guy got a tv show, but I do suppose his 'history' and intellect is more appropriate for halfh-r cable shows than an ivy league classroom

  11. You  

    need to settle down. Sounds like someone wishes they were historychannel material, too.

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