1. What do you  

    call a chair covered in hair?


  2. Hah  

    Don't forget about Columbia's sterling record in SPELLING!

  3. spin  

    nice spin job, bwog. what could have been something along the lines of "housing to replace shitty schapiro furniture" has become "housing to break into schapiro rooms"

  4. They

    Aren't breaking in. Don't be sensationalist. You don't own the property and therefore have few rights concerning it.

    • you

      are an asshole. i hope some has planted cocaine in your room.

      • Really?

        The only people panicking are those who have some something to hide. Don't treat your dorm room like an abandoned flophouse and you should be fine. You care to explain what ground you have to stand on?

        • You  

          are the reason this government is becoming a fascist dictatorship.

          • Oh goodie; the hippy

            Yes, reading the contract student sign when getting housing and....abiding by your word is turning the government into a facist dictatorship.

            Advice? Intro to Poli the local high school. Seriously mate; get an education.

          • really?  

            Have you seen that contract? How much of an opportunity do we have to negotiate that contract? That contract basically says "you do what we tell you, you accept all responsibility for ANYTHING, ever, and don't expect anythign from us. Don't like it, try facing the NYC real estate market".

          • Lawyer alum

            A contract's a contract. Something about beggers cant be choosers. All leases tend to have punitive language. Plus, since most students still claim to be dependants, and not heads of households, colleges tend not to want to be exposed to mommy and daddy suing for their not taking care of the precious little children.

            Most of the reasons for Universities to be so aggressive in asserting their rules is to ward off mommy and daddy's legal team. Nobody gets hurt, nobody gets sued.

            Also, if you wanted to live off campus in a safe house, you could have applied to Dartmouth.

          • Really?  

            Thank you for stating the bleeding obvious. What a brilliant visionary you are. Have you considered applying for a professorship? I think Manhattan Community College would love a sharp mind like yours.

            The point is that the "Contract" is essentially putting a gun to your head and forcing you to accept their terms. Whatever their reasons for it, that doesn't make it nice or pro-student.

          • what?  

            a gun to your head?

            ease it back there, big boy

          • Fun war

            Yeah, Pretty much every person hired by the university is a Mechanism for Reducing Liability (TM), and any other goals they have are secondary. So they can pretty much do whatever they want to keep their name sterling. I bet a lot of people will be going home for undisclosed reasons after this.
            Let's hope they don't find your stash of jesters and think you're a sociopath.


          • "Poli scie"

            The only thing worse than an idiot is a condescending idiot.

            What #28 meant was that #14's argument that "The only people panicking are those who have... something to hide" is precisely the argument used by fascists, who justify nullifying privacy laws on the basis that only criminals suffer.

            Obviously, the dorms are private property, so Columbia can do whatever it wants within the bounds of the housing contract. What's troublesome to me are the people who, on the basis of their own supposed moral flawlessness, lack sympathy for those who haven't lived at to the same exacting standards.

  5. GREAT

    fucking sneaky ass bastards post this up when most people have LEFT for spring break, and cannot GO BACK to hide all the ILLEGAL SHIT in their rooms.

    • Oh please...  

      Housing sent out an email telling us they would be doing this over break several weeks ago. Stop being so dramatic.

    • whatever

      i remember from my freshman year that this guy from facilities would always light up a j in our floor bathroom. if anything, they'll just steal your weed. what are you going to do, complain, and then get kicked out for having weed?

  6. hmm

    say for example there are bottles of alcohol in our rooms...can we (hypothetically speaking, of course) get in trouble?

  7. ...  

    hm i'm actually in shapiro like a broke scrub over the break -- guess its time to get my stuff in order

  8. ...  

    housing is not out to get you, and neither is your fridge. lay off the adderall.

  9. kids  

    drugs are bad for you

  10. can you  

    get in trouble for sitting naked in your room from 9:30-3?

  11. -tsk-


    I fear for my pothead friend on the 15th floor. Hide that shit, L.

  12. well  

    I don't have anything to hide and I'm pissed about this. Why can't they do this after exams? They are so anal about kicking us out at 12NOON SHARP ON SATURDAY!! after exams - you'd think they'd storm our rooms then. But no.

  13. dear god  

    i hope they don't let all my thai sex slaves run free

  14. here's a question

    will they find the bed bugs that have MOST DEFINITELY resurfaced? the entire building needs to be fumigated. at least twice!!!!

  15. Jason Kruta

    It's not just Schapiro! I saw one in Carman, too.

  16. lolResLife


    im in ur dormz

    writing up ur contrabandz

  17. anyone

    on campus know if they are doing this for all of the dorms?

  18. I am  

    going to put a trip wire at my door

  19. Oops

    So many of the sophomore potheads live in Schapiro. Let's hope they didn't forget to hide their stash before leaving.

  20. Kromminator  

    The war on fun continues...

  21. war on fun

    hey Bwog, check the boards in Wien. apparently some company will be removing asbestos from floors 3-9 next week.

  22. yo!

    ivy league representation in march madness:

    cornell (14) v. mizzou (3). should be a nice slaughter.

  23. bwog  

    stop being in slow mo i'm checking bwog every 5 min waiting for a new post and it sucks having to sit here on my computer in the hotel room not out on the beaches waiting for my bwog craving to die down

  24. Mamdani

    Is in many ways a pathetic individual and a hypocrite. When Arabs wipe out over 5% of Blacks in Darfur, anyone who protests is in his mind a neo-colonialist. But now he's all worked up over the killing in Gaza, which is not even close in severity or scale? Guess what, Professor: if we don't stop genocide in Darfur, we won't do anything for Gazans. You reap what you sow.

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