Harmony Hall Solves All Your Problems

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This evening, mere hours before lottery numbers are due to be posted online tomorrow, Columbia Undergraduate Housing threw us for another loop: there’s a new dorm!

Cozily-named Harmony Hall will be available for the 2009-2010 room selection process and offers eight floors of freshly renovated off-campus-esque housing. Harmony is located at 544 W. 110th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam and contains 76 singles and 7 doubles, allowing 90 lucky guinea pigs in total to grace Harmony’s hallways next year.

There are 8-12 rooms per floor, which are arranged corridor-style. Harmony residents will also find a full-sized fridge, sink and stove on each floor, and (of course) a flat-screen TV in their common rooms. There’s a laundry room and bicycle storage rack in the basement, and only two RA rooms, allowing for many opportunities to wash dirty clothes and do some hardcore RA-free partying, every Columbian’s favorite combination.

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  1. hm...  

    harmony hall used to be law school housing up until last year, i wonder why its undergrads now. while it is a step up from your average undergrad housing, it is a shithole compared to lenfest, the other law dorm. not worth the walk to 110! (you can literally take the subway to school though)

  2. but  

    how does it compare to other undergrad dorms? Where does it fall on the Watt-to-Wien spectrum?

  3. how the fuck

    did this bypass our fantastic press?

  4. does  

    anyone know exactly what time lottery numbers will be available? and how we access them?

  5. boom  

    the walk to 1020 has never been shorter

  6. ugh  

    Removing a whole bunch of Watt studio singles: DOWNGRADE
    There are only 15 now, such a bummer

    This new hall has some very large singles (170 ft) and some very, very, VERY small ones (88 ft????).

  7. welll  

    I think its worth the walk if you get one of the big singles. That much room + minimal RA presence would make for an excellent year.

  8. WHEN  


  9. it's  

    a full half mile away from Mudd.

    exercise, here we come...

  10. Susannah  

    This means more shopping!

  11. killer  

    Well I rather get a pedicure than go shopping though

  12. 76 square feet  

    are they talking about the closet? or is that where the bed goes?

  13. 76 square feet  

    hey at least this beats McMathers McBain

  14. 76 square feet  

    Housing better not be charging $5k+ for a 76 sq. ft. room

  15. for sophs  

    The doubles are actually quite large...I saw one at 265 sf. Not a bad alternative to the McBain shaft.

  16. ummmm  

    ...I think it was intended as a joke.
    at least I hope so.

  17. procrastinator  

    76 sq. feet? That can't possibly be legal. Can it?

    Doing a little research, I found this:

    Interesting stuff. The key part is section 27-2074, paragraph e.

    Assuming I read the legalese correctly, 70sq feet is the legal minimum size for a room in a building as old as Harmony.

  18. A Standard  

    Prison cell in a maximum security prison is 84 square feet.

  19. Senior  

    The real story here is that Columbia is expanding the CC freshman class by 50 student. It's not like this place isn't already crowded enough. I am sorry for you underclassman; your chances of finding space to work-out in Dodge, a desk in Butler, and a decent sized dorm room have just plummeted.

    • 50 students  

      yeah, from the email - "Vice President Dirks has adopted a number of measures to address our budgetary concerns including increasing enrollment for Columbia College"

      Does that means the 50 students wouldn't have been accepted if not for the fact their parents are loaded?

  20. haha

    This is what happens when Columbia increases the undergraduate headcount of CC/SEAS by 160 students over 5 years. They slap a coat of paint on the least desirable law school building and call it news.

  21. ha!  

    most of the singles in barnard's elliot hall are 74 sq. foot. ridiculous.

  22. it's 12:25..  

    When do they post the numbers?!?

    I'm guessing harmony is going to go mostly to sophomores we couldn't get into Furnald but really wanted a single.

  23. AFAIK  

    harmony used to be an undergrad dorm too

    • Alum

      I don't think that's true. As far as I know, Marmony has been used for law students and a small number of other grad students since Columbia bought it. A friend of mine lived there when he was in law school in the mid '80s.

  24. mmm  

    small singles (92 sq.ft.!) and far away = no thanks

  25. the real issue  

    What kind of a name is Harmony Hall?

    Is there a donor named Harmony or is it just a bad decision? The name makes it sound like we'd be living in a place that doesn't allow processed sugar.

  26. Broadway  

    Wow, 76 square feet? I'll never mope again about my 102!

  27. whiners

    the square footage alone doesn't determine whether your room is sucky small or not. more important is the shape and already-present furniture. I had a square 105 in claremont that seemed enormous, but my suitemate with a 90 could barely move around in her room because it was awkwardly shaped and columbia had clumsily thrown bureaus and whatnot in there. I'm withholding judgment on the awfulness of these harmony rooms until i see a floor plan.

  28. I want  

    lottery numbers...NOW, housing!!!

  29. lottery numbers  

    everybody just call housing and ask where the numbers are posted. i called and they said they wouldn't be up until around midnight, but if we keep pestering them maybe they will just put up the damn thing

  30. WHAT

    MIDNIGHT? last time i checked that was the 25th...way to blue ball us cu housing.
    the incompetency is remarkable.

  31. ahhh  

    the anticipation is killing me! It's like the night before christmas... except for the fact that on christmas morning you don't have a chance of getting kicked in the balls by columbia housing

  32. technophile  

    I wish people would stop using "flat screen" and "flat panel" interchangeably.

    All flat panels are flat screens but not all flat screens are flat panels (and by context we know Bwog means flat panel).

  33. Epic Fail, Housing  

    Wow, the incompetence of Housing is astounding. They set themselves up to fail by promising lottery numbers today when they could have just said it'd be ready tomorrow. Not only that, they would have appeared to be on the top of their game by having the numbers up early.

  34. Calm down, Britney.  

    Damn. The numbers will be posted after 5pm, for the extent at which it will change your life.

  35. fuck my life  

    numbers are up

  36. RAs  

    It's not entirely that it's an RA-free or RA-lite dorm since there are actually still approximately the same number of RAs per residents; it's just that the floors in harmony have about 10 people on them, so having an RA for each for each floor would be ludicrous.

    Compare with Carman at 1 RA/~40+ residents
    LLC 1 RA /~30 residents
    John Jay, EC, Ruggles, etc...

    The ratio in harmony actually isn't bad at all.

  37. atoivag

    are freshman allowed to live here?

  38. harmony hunter history  

    it started here:

    bwog, just block this person's IP from posting comments. please.

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