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Those needing to fulfill their New Year’s Resolution of finally getting off campus need look no further than the DUMBO Winter Pop-Up Market for a healthy dosage of outer borough fun. The Market is an indoor flea market housed in two buildings on Front Street in the trendy up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO (and by “trendy” and upcoming,” we mean neither). The Pop-Up Market will close for the season after this coming weekend; a harbinger of spring and a sad loss indeed for the scores of Brooklyn-or-Manhattan-ites alike who have scored totally rad vintage finds throughout the season. 

While the Pop-Market is certainly an ideal arena for hipster-taunting, it actually also has much to offer, as Bwog discovered during the final fleeting milliseconds of spring break freedom this past weekend. The Market’s smaller outpost, on the left side of Front Street and Washington, houses mostly vintage clothing stands, some (though certainly not all) of which, contain reasonably priced goods such as Victorian lace shirts, $8 clip on bowties, Japanese baseball jerseys and the like.

The larger part of the market, right across the street, has even more to browse. Overpriced hot chocolate and pastries and really cheap Mexican food are delectable energy sources for an afternoon of sifting through racks of balloon-pant shorts and boxes of prints of the flora and fauna of various countries. Bwog especially recommends the following stands: Jelly Roll Vintage, Charlie and Sarah, Christina Stankard Jewelry, Fine & Raw Chocolate, and Lynn Falconer for the cheapest, and some of the best, vintage stuff at the Market.

With the final weekend of the Pop-Up Market, bargain hunters eagerly await the return of the infamous original Brooklyn Flea, which will re-open April 18 at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Fort Greene. 


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  1. ???  


    "upcoming Brooklyn neighborhood"?

    "Overpriced hot chocolate and pastries and as really cheap Mexican food"?

    "The larger market of the market"

    Does anyone read anything before it gets posted? This is an editorial low point, even for bwog.

  2. the brooklyn flea  

    is awesome.

  3. i love

    The Brooklyn Flea!!! I go here all the time. And it's not mexican food, it's honduran.

  4. You mean

    El Salvadoran. yummy pupusas.

  5. Brownstoner

    This is not the final weekend of the flea. It will be open saturdays and sundays through april 12 and then on sundays through the end of may.

  6. bkflea

    We're actually open through April 12 in Dumbo, extended our stay. And once Fort Greene's Flea reopens Sat., April 18, the Dumbo markets will stay open on Sundays only through May.

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