What’s Really the Right Dorm for You?

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To aid you all in the existential crises at hand (Wien or McBain… oh the horrors) Bwog’s Special Inebriated Stunts Correspondent Jon Hill has been tracking stumbles, drunk dials, puke incidents and blackouts for months to bring you the complete breakdown of every dorm on your list by Blood Alcohol Level.

Long live the atrocious reign of Carman.

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  1. Good Graphic

    I like the chart, but averaging above .3? I doubt 95% of freshmen can get close to .3 without vomiting and passing out.

  2. concerned citizen  

    why is butler not on the list. i practically live there and i'm boozin' right now library bitchez!!!

  3. that's probably  

    why it says that you should have called CAVA an hour ago.

  4. I am...  

    ... curious about a similar chart with weed consumption

  5. copy edity betty


    (been drinking?)

  6. wtf  

    River!? really!? who the hell lives there? nobody....

  7. ...

    frat houses rank below ruggles? that's bullshit

  8. i dunno  

    i think hogan should be up there

  9. What  

    about our brand new Harmony Hall? Where will it rank??

  10. ugh  

    lame brown dig. plus kids there drink way more than we do.

  11. yo.  

    bwog, how about more dorm profiles? you didn't finish last year.

  12. really?  

    I heard carman RA's really cracked down last year on the parties/drinking. Does it really still have the reputation it used to or was this made by a senior who remembers the glory days?

  13. this is stupid  

    who made this and what does it do besides reinforce tired (and dubious) stereotypes?

    I demand statistics or for the author of this post to stfu.

  14. do all townhouses  

    have 2 rooms that face into the ec courtyard

  15. whatever  

    it's awesome if only for the fact that the only place in the "visits O'Connell's and enjoys it" level are the brownstones

  16. Sleepy  

    If only my hard-partying Furnald neighbors believed in this graph...

  17. ummm  

    O'Connell's suckadick

  18. wtf  

    please explain the deletion of this comment. you reek of fascism.

  19. Sorry Bwog...  

    But there is no way that the level of intoxication is higher in Carman than in the Fraternity Houses on a Saturday at 1am.

  20. When  

    are appointment times being posted? The calendar says they should be up today...

  21. damn  

    i love pissing in sinks when i'm drunk

  22. yonald  

    go carman. 7 is the best!

  23. I love  

    Where McBain is.

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