Midterms Weren’t the Best? Fix It!

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Today is the last day to switch your classes to pass/fail, so if the pre-spring break midterm you just got back was not quite what you expected, switch now or take the letter grade.

Bwog’s chief grading transition expert Julia Mix Barrington alerted us that, for Barnard students, the switch to pass/fall is all done online, so save yourself a trip to the registrar and head to the joy that is eBear.

For the engineers among us who may have spent too much time watching robot death battles and too little time studying, today is the last day to drop a class for SEAS.


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  1. help  

    how to i do this (switch a class to pass/fail)??? where do i go? do i need my professor's signature? where do i find this information? thanks.

  2. and it was still hot  

    BWOG! the trailer for where the wild things are just came out. i know you guys aren't a movie theatre, but shouldn't you comment on this at least? this is epic for the 2012's through 2009's! plus it's got arcade fire, which just proves that they know their audience...oh they know it well.

  3. close one!  


    i almost forgot!

  4. THX  

    that really saved me.

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