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  Happening in the world: US Pacific Command and South Korean defense ministry confirmed that North Korea had launched a failed ballistic missile test which soon detonated after. (BBC) Happening in the nation: Protests took place in over 150 locations in the United States to demand Donald Trump to release his tax returns. (BBC) Happening […]

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Fried Failure

When the story broke, Bwog Taste Testers were on the scene within minutes. James Downie, Sam Schube, and Brian Donahoe report that yes, it is true. M2M’s legendary cheap-and-tasty, best-in-the-neighborhood fries have been replaced by impostors. Gone are the perfect little golden-brown packages of tempura-like flavor, and oh how we will miss their texture and […]

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 -Photo via Today is the last day to switch your classes to pass/fail, so if the pre-spring break midterm you just got back was not quite what you expected, switch now or take the letter grade. Bwog’s chief grading transition expert Julia Mix Barrington alerted us that, for Barnard students, the switch to pass/fall […]

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Barnard housing for the win!  But still not quite able to let Columbians in. CTV is going for broke… While CU Snacks goes up in smoke. Help us win more! the Spectator cries Nothing to see here, the Ivy League lies

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CCSC Sleeps In

For those of you with your heads buried in move-in, this weekend was also a time of meeting and greeting for the Twelves, as student groups began the race to lure fresh blood with a number of mini-club fairs in preparation for the big one on the plaza this Friday. Student Councils and governing boards […]

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Bwog is pleased to present the following tidbit from 40 Days: Student: Well, I’m a 3-2 at Barnard and SEAS, so I’m a Barnard senior but a SEAS junior. Official: You’re not on the list. Student: But I’m a senior. Official: So, come back with a copy of your transcript. Student: I need a transcript […]

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As we reported yesterday, HamDel decided to stop accepting Flex Points. The secession came as a surprise to CCSC and to the positively Lincolnian Michael Novielli (of Student Auxiliary and Business Services), who stopped by HamDel today to speak with the owner, Nick. According to Nick, the long lines of students eager for sandwiches and […]

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In case you haven’t already been frantically GChatted by friends, you should know your housing lottery number is now available. What isn’t available, despite the Housing site’s promises to the contrary, is everybody else’s. Begin frantically scrambling to figure out how many people will pick EC suites before you… now! Update: “Daniel”, on the housing […]

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