Free Food or Cheap Food: The Decision Is Yours!

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After such a warm day, there are two options for your early evening: first, Amnesty International’s cleverly named “Jamnesty,” which will combine live music with a free “Ethiopian dinner.” Apparently, live music plus Ethiopian food equals “almost like the 60s… minus the pot.” The potless-ness begins at 8:30 in Earl Hall Auditorium.

If living a potless version of the 60s isn’t floating your boat, then try to snag a ticket for Club Zamana’s Tamasha (Roone Arledge at 8 p.m., doors open at 7:15). Although it’s $5 for a ticket, purchasers do get Indian food and the chance to see a huge roster of acts, including CU Bhangra.

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  1. Hmm  

    What's Tamasha? Never heard of it.

  2. bwog  

    are you going to report at all on tamasha beyond the free food? they inundated this whole damn campus with publicity and i think there were like 900 people there (auditorium + cinema packed). shit man it was the biggest event of the year (so far.....) CMON BWOG GET WITH IT. heard RaWcus was poppin too but i didn't go.

  3. wtf bwog  

    where is the little shop of horrors review. IT WAS AWESOME!!

  4. so...  

    does anyone know what is going on at 116th and broadway? they closed the uptown street and the sidewalk as well...

    • bc2010  

      Please be advised that due to the crane removal at Broadway & 120 ST scheduled for Friday evening, March 27, 9 pm through Saturday night, March 28, midnight, traffic will be re-routed as outlined below.

      The northbound Broadway lanes between 119th and 120th Streets will be closed.

      Southbound Broadway traffic will be detoured at 120th street to Claremont and sent back onto Broadway at 116th Street.

      Northbound traffic will be detoured into the southbound lanes at 116th
      Street and back to northbound lanes at 120th Street.

      Traffic Agents (NYPD) will be posted at 116th and 120th.

      Saturday morning at approximately 2 am, 120th Street will be closed for a short period of time and cars will be detoured.

      Traffic should return to normal by midnight on March 28th.

      Dianna M. Pennetti
      Director Barnard Public Safety

  5. Bwog  

    I love how you specifically mention cuBHANGRA when it was clearly Raas who stole the show

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