Hot Water Off In East Campus

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In case those high lottery cutoff numbers had you thinking EC was some sort of “Palace in the Sky,” you can enjoy a hearty helping of schadenfreude this morning.

Tipsters tell us and Housing confirms that all hot water is off in the building because of “emergency repairs.” Maintenance crews are just now arriving, so there’s no estimated time yet for when the hot water might be back on.

So, if you live in EC and were in need of a hot shower this morning, you may want to investigate the time-honored tradition of the bucket bath. Be sure to heat the water in your microwave first.

UPDATE 12:07 p.m.: Housing confirms the hot water is off in most dorms, the notable exceptions being Woodbridge, Watt, and — The Land That Happiness Forgot — McBain. Repairs are nearly completed, though, so the hot water should be back on shortly.

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  1. burrrr  

    There's no hot water in Hartley either. Ugh.

  2. Yeah:  

    Nooo hot water in Hartley. So cold.

  3. yeah  

    no hot water in ruggles either

  4. brr  

    no hot water in furnald either.

  5. and  

    none in Carman either

  6. we've lost hot water  

    in Watt several times this year. wtf bwog? does only E.C. matter?

  7. lee bollinger

    plenty of hot water at my place. come on down!

  8. Bwog  

    do you go to Columbia? Are you run by students any more? Living in the past? Mcbain is actually a pretty nice dorm to live in now, since the renovation. they built a second elevator, a number floors are wood-paneled, doubles are for the most part pretty large, they have treadmills and step-a-trons, etc.

  9. so...  

    is wien the land that happiness actively mocks?

  10. stfu  

    the schapiro is without warm water too.

  11. win...  

    broadways good...just took a nice, hot shower

  12. disgruntled  

    !!! I live in Broadway and I took an ice cold shower this morning!

  13. dear bwog  

    i just washed my face in EC with hot water. looks like EC is ok again.

  14. no dude  

    the shock is that ND people doesn't actually want obama, not that obama doesn't want us

  15. gym  

    no hot water in the Dodge Fitness Center...and showering there after a workout can be pretty hottt...

  16. in terms of  

    bwog, i love you - but a physicist you are not.

    re: microwaving water - be careful, every now and then someone gets a really terrible scalding from this:

    doesn't mean you can't heat your water in the microwave, but just don't pull it out without first disturbing it with an object to make sure that it didn't superheat

    that is all

  17. haiku  

    bed bugs and roaches
    and not enough hot water
    make me love my school

  18. Holy Crap

    That makes me want to go to prison! Free food, sunny, well-lit rooms, conjugal visits and plenty of free time. So what petty crime do I need to commit in Australia to get there?

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