Barnard Girls Beget More Barnard Girls

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Yesterday, Barnard admissions email-blasted all 2,389 strong, beautiful women with a request:  help convince high school seniors that Morningside Heights is the place to be!

Barnard’s luring ladies in with the promise of “a coupon for a free surprise gift” and hoping that they’ll either participate in a phone-a-thon evening or jot down an encouraging postcard to be sent to a prospective 2013.  The admissions phone-a-thon is far from an exclusively Barnard innovation; last year, Wesleyan made much of theirs, and UChicago urged 2012s not to be dismayed by the call from a student (or LOLCAT) they’d never met.

But honestly, who could keep their heart from beating faster when faced with the thought of a lovely Barnard lady on the other end of the line?  Whose pulse wouldn’t quicken at opening the mailbox to find an attractive and welcoming postcard in flowing, feminine penmanship?  Here’s to you, 2013.

   -Image via Barnard Alumnae Affairs

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  1. hahaha  

    columbia's urc has trained student volunteers to do this. barnard naturally is more than willing to let anybody do this. barnard sucks.

  2. Hmm...  

    From today's New York Times:

    The fatality was the second major accident in Manhattan on Friday afternoon. At 4 p.m., a group of people were injured when a taxi, apparently rammed from behind by a silver Hyundai, jumped onto a sidewalk near Amsterdam Avenue and 106th Street, the police said. The cab slammed into the window of Mama’s Pizzeria, and seven people suffered minor injuries, including the driver, the police said.

  3. hey bwog  

    can we get a "strong & beautiful" tag on this post?

  4. OUTRAGE!!!

    Dear bwog,

    I heard a rumor that La Negrita is CLOSING! Please investigate!!

    A senior concerned for Columbia's future under-age drinkers

  5. Where is  

    the Little Shop review, Bwog???

  6. Don't you  

    mean "coupon"? Unless that was a foray into Spanish without an acute accent. Or maybe you meant a cupola!

  7. we're a women's college  

    We only have alumnae. no alumni to be found...

  8. is it just me  

    or is this whole calling prospective students thing really creepy

  9. yo yo yo  

    Feminism: the radical notion that women are people.

  10. SEAS '09  

    Why is calling prospective students "creepy"? Liberal arts colleges are all about the sense that you, the undergraduate student, are important. This is in stark contrast to CC and SEAS for which we tell ourselves we're important, but our deans/department heads could often care less about us. I think that personal touch is a selling point for Barnard, and small touches like being wooed from an older student is just an example.

    Shine on, Barnard, you crazy diamond.

  11. barnard '10

    Haha I think it's creepy and I go here, so whatever :)

  12. why not

    let students decide for themselves - since their interests are important.

    • the point

      is to provide prospectives with someone who can talk about their experience and talk about the school. It's a lot more convincing than reading a glossy brochure. SEAS '09 is dead on - Barnard has a personal touch that's completely lacking at Columbia. But that's what happens when you attend a small liberal arts college instead of a large university.

      And hey, 15, guess what? Columbia's yield isn't so hot when you take out the over-40% of the class admitted via binding early decision.

  13. CC'11  

    I got called by a current student when I was a prospective... so apparently the College does it too.

  14. you know  

    all this talk makes me wonder... do students at barnard enjoy college more than their counterparts at columbia?

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