Don’t Sleep In! Housing Starts Tomorrow

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You have the number. You’ve scoped out the floorplans. You’ve obsessed over your chances again and again, and tomorrow, all the pieces fall into place.

Yes, the path to your true housing fate begins tomorrow. This year’s winners (30/8) start the festivities at 9:30 a.m., with groups every two minutes until the six-person group with 30/2621 makes its choice at 4:30.

For those of you eagerly awaiting the results, stick with Bwog: we’ll be liveblogging from John Jay Lounge, bringing you the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

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  1. .....  

    omg im graduating.

  2. wow

    me 3

    (fuck guys, i am so not ready for this)

  3. wow  

    me 4

    and i still dunno how housing works...

  4. No  

    Every group has two minutes until the next group gets to come in. A group can choose at any point after their appointment time, although it's better to choose as soon as possible. Then again, there's nothing to worry about if, say, you're in a group of four and the next few groups are groups of six; then you essentially have more time to choose because they won't choose into suites you would have chosen.

  5. ...  

    this is actually the only thing that housing does well – selection has been really smooth every time i've done it. that is if you ignore the completely irrational and byzantine lottery and suite selection process that precedes it.

    • ya know...  

      you can bitch and whine all you want about getting a shitty lottery number, but really, how else is housing going to give out numbers?... would you prefer that they give preference to specific students or something? the lottery, by definition, has to be arbitrary, so i really don't know what you are talking about when you say that there is a "completely irrational and byzantine lottery and suite selection process" that comes before the actual selection...

  6. sort of agree

    my 4 person suite was dead last within the 30 pt group but i cant really complain about the lottery itself becuase there really is no other way.

    but that doesnt mean my criticism stops there. why, for example, are there tons of suites left to general selection? people who went through hurdles to form groups of 4, 5 or 6 deserve first pick when it comes to those suites.

    • isnt that what  

      senior regroup is for?

      • please

        explain what you mean??

        i thought senior regroup was limited to what was left over from the suites that were not chosen.

        are groups given the option to pick into suites outside of group selection (like nussbaum or theres one 4 person suite in river) before the general selection people?

        • you  

          have to drop down to general selection to pick into river or nussbaum, so you are competing with all the general selection people for these rooms. Since your suite members all have the same lottery number and the same appointment time when you drop down to general, it is possible for your entire group to pick into a nussbaum/any other general selection suite. But the difference is it is not exclusive to your group...i.e. you have no control over whether or not some random person chooses into available rooms in your suite during general selection. Also, your group does not have to exactly fit the number of people per suite. So yea, basically, these rooms are as fair game as any corridor-style housing that's available in general selection.

  7. ummm...  

    What happened to instant updates, bwog? Selection has been going on for minutes now. Get on it.

  8. ...  

    haha #9 is completely correct

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