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Another One Bites The Dust

 -photo by JPMB

It seems the curse of the closing restaurants has again struck Morningside, and this time, under- (and over-) age drinkers university-wide will be feeling the pain.  According to a notice spotted this morning at La Negrita, Bwog’s go-to boozerie will shut its doors “indefinitely” next Saturday, the 11th of April. While they couldn’t be reached for comment, Bwog would find it totally unsurprising if this tragedy turned out to be the fault of the big R.

Regardless, should you need to drown your sorrow in liquor, well, La Negrita will be there for you one last time, as they’re hosting “‘Drink us Dry'” specials on Friday (the 10th) and the fateful Saturday.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Got raided last night. hit with a $10,000 fine. As a result, they are going to be slightly tougher with IDs lately.

    1. What??!! says:

      @What??!! Bwog confirm or deny this NOW please

    2. wow says:

      @wow that sucks for the underage group, since 1020 had a very relaxed fake id policy…

    3. jeez says:

      @jeez i leave you guys alone for one semester and you just let everything go to shit.

    4. 1020 says:

      @1020 Bullshit, I was there until 3, nothing happened.

      1. that's because says:

        @that's because the raid consisted of three undercover cops who ordered drinks but weren’t carded.

  • yes says:

    @yes it’s you fucking suburban people moving into the city that cause these stores to close. rents go up because you morons can’t stay in Hartford oh Washington State, so places can’t afford it. NYC used to be last place in the country to resist your bland, mass-produced liberalism, your wonderbread interests in yogurt and cappuccino, and everything else. GO HOME already. Im sick of seeing this city destroyed by narcissistic outsiders. That means you too, julie weiner.

    1. dear says:

      @dear go fuck yourself. Rant about “suburbanites” on Gothamist with the other 7 people who still think that the reason New York City is so interesting is because no one EVER comes and leaves. Let us talk about our under-age drinking woes in peace.

  • any idea says:

    @any idea when housing will shut the heat off?

    i’m sweating my ass off with my heat on at full blast in 50 degree weather. and because columbia’s housing is so awesome, one of my windows doesn’t open. if they’re complaining about finances being tight, why don’t they save some by shutting the damn radiators off…

  • HAIKU says:

    @HAIKU oh la negrita
    with you i worshipped bacchus
    1020? i weep.

  • I expect says:

    @I expect realtime housing data, updated every 3 minutes, starting 9:30:01 AM DST

  • This is says:

    @This is a fucking tragedy, but I’m actually not that surprised. These past few weekends the place has gone dead before 1am. I guess it was just a matter of time…

  • clicker says:

    @clicker bwog, are you sure? according to their website ( ), everything “is functioning normally”.

    1. you think says:

      @you think you’re so funny

    2. Fu Foundation says:

      @Fu Foundation The site actually says “Apache is functioning normally.” Apache being the program which runs the web server. This message showing up instead of the actual site is by no means an indication that everything is fine.

      1. something says:

        @something tells me that they knew that….

      2. Dude. says:

        @Dude. It was a joke. Geez.

      3. Idiot says:

        @Idiot You make me ashamed to be an engineer.

      4. ALSO says:

        @ALSO You couldn’t figure out what the “big R” was? Seriously, stay off the Bwog comments and spare us all.

  • ... says:

    @... there’s always the cougariffic ding dong lounge!

  • bar sucks says:

    @bar sucks More likely it was the result of poor management. The place didn’t have liquor half the time becuase it didn’t pay its suppliers.

  • The King of Spain says:

    @The King of Spain Aw fuck it all.

  • Hmm says:

    @Hmm I recently read that “Another One Bites the Dust” plays at 100 beats per minute, which means it can be used to time CPR chest compressions perfectly.

    Now the song just seems creepy.

  • little to eager for says:

    @little to eager for your “go-to” bar to close, Bwog. Next Saturday is the 4th, Negrita is closing in two weeks.

  • little to eager for says:

    @little to eager for your “go-to” bar, Bwog. Next Saturday is the 4th, Negrita is closing in two weeks.

  • ignorant says:

    @ignorant what is “the big R” ?

    1. the... says:

      @the... recession

      1. Oh! Recession! says:

        @Oh! Recession! I thought Bwog was blaming Reslife for this terrible, terrible news.

    2. the answer says:

      @the answer waR on fun

  • FUCK says:

    @FUCK I’m sure this isn’t the only Morningside Heights bar that opens at like, noon. Probably the best one, though…

  • Bwog says:

    @Bwog Your Top Stories headline for this post is excellente and is much better than the actual headline. I won’t blog-judge you if you change it.

  • tonight says:

    @tonight Come see Orchesis tonight and tomorrow at 8pm in Roone Arledge!

  • what is says:

    @what is Negrita and why have I never heard of it

  • same says:

    @same normally i would complain about the excessive “nooooo,” but i think it just about sums up how i feel about this.

    negrita is one of the only bars near campus with character, why the fuck is it closing?!

    1. because says:

      @because everyone just flocks to 1020, even if it’s crowded, gross and has no atmosphere whatsoever. and so, the good bars don’t make money and 1020 does.

      1. Atmosphere? says:

        @Atmosphere? What the hell do you mean? 1020, Campo, and O’Connell’s all have atmosphere and character. Just because you don’t like the ones they have doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

  • next thing you know says:

    @next thing you know HamDel will be gone…

  • you know, says:

    @you know, as annoying as the poster above me is, i have to agree.


  • Nobler says:


    1. Kirk says:


      1. Michael says:


        1. Stanley says:

          @Stanley Ssssttteeeelllllllaaaaaa!!!!!! Hey Ssstttteeeellllllllllaaaaaa!!!!!!

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