Photo via The New York Times

Your light blue pride might still be smarting, but rise above it this morning to congratulate Dartmouth on its new president. Dr. Jim Yong Kim, chairman of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, will take over the job in July.

Kim is the co-founder of Partners In Health, a nonprofit that makes health care accessible to some of the world’s poorest neighborhoods and specializes in fighting tuberculosis and H.I.V./AIDS. He also did a stint at the World Health Organization and received one of the MacArthur Foundation’s fabled genius grants. That award, lest we forget, is $500,000 over five years, to be spent as you choose. This man has known responsibility.

Kim, the Ivy League’s first Asian-American president, already has a nifty president elect’s page at the Dartmouth website, where you can hear his positively lovely speaking voice. Be warned, though: it’s 22 minutes into the video.