Spring break isn’t here yet, but tonight we herald the arrival of that other kind of break-the kind with free food. The CCSC Campus Life Committee will be giving away “TONS of food” in JJ’s Place tonight from 9-10, right around that time in the evening when you start to think about how much you like noshing on some nibbles.

It being JJ’s Place, there’s no promise on the nutritional value of these particular nuggets, but rest assured that by the time you’re done, you’ll be too full either to resume studying or heave yourself out of your chair. Don’t even think about trying to muster up enthusiasm for CCSC’s planned unveiling of the College Days theme.

Then from 10-11, the French Cultural Society will be on the Lerner ramps handing out Nutella and other treats with a hint of the exotic about them. Nutella is apparently Italian, but that’s relatively close to France. Or at least closer than Butler. So go forth into this (pretty mild) night, and score some eats.