Welcome to Bwog’s 2009 Housing Live-blog! We’ll be updating this space with the latest numbers as they fall much too quickly for your liking.



 Board as of 12:20

12:25 PM: Lunchtime rush in the lounge accompanied by Rihanna’s “Disturbia”, gaggles of excitable upperclassmen huddled togetherlike middle schoolers. 5-person suites in EC are dunzo and there seems to be some Hogan-shifting action. There are 12 Watt 1 BR doubles left. Hogan 4-person suites are gone. Head of Housing Joyce Jackson altered us about the “ton” of Watt studio doubles: 51 left.

11:54 AM: Farewell, sweet EC 4-person suites. On a happier note, have you ever seen the inside of the big storage closet in John Jay Lounge? It’s stuffed full of York Peppermint Patties. What you do with this information is your own business.

11:48 AM: The white board isn’t being “updated” so much as “utterly and viciously ignored,” but all the Watt doubles are gone.

11:22 AM: The very gracious housing people are looking into listing Woodbridge by line. There’s an orange balloon stuck to the lounge ceiling. It’s eerily quiet.

Old updates after the jump.

11:06 AM: EC has been dented, ever so slightly. 

10:51 AM: Little white board action to speak of, but the Watt doubles are down to four. Also, eleven 4-room suites and nine 5-room suites left in Hogan. There are a lot of bagels being eaten in this room.

10:31 AM: After a brief interval of Queen, U2 comes back with “Desire.” Try to temper yours. Hogan suites going fast.

10:14 AM: Board update! Quiet speculation about Harmony Hall can be heard running through the lounge, while the lure of free Coke before breakfast claims victim after victim.

10:07 AM: Currently playing: U2 – “Beautiful Day.”

9:41 AM: The first groups have aleady gone through, most with fairly large grins on their faces. Housing has politely stocked the fridge with a bunch of sugary drinks, and a RED(tm) iPod shuffle is blaring a solid mix. Housing has also placed a friendly notice reminding students to “be the DJ.”