Public Safety Officer Joseph Feyjoo confronts ski team captain Raphael Graybill

Campus Public Safety put an end to the Columbia ski team’s effort to build a ski jump on the Low Library steps tonight.

Citing the jump’s potential danger to “small children,” two officers dispatched from Public Safety’s main office ordered the team to “cease and desist” its construction project, which had begun around 10 p.m. Club captain Raphael Graybill talked with the pair for about ten minutes trying to persuade them otherwise, but they refused to let the ski jump construction continue.

“I would love to let you do this — I would even love to do this with you — but you cannot do this,” Officer Joseph Feyjoo told the group of about 30.

Graybill explained that ski jumping on the Steps has been permitted before — four years ago, the team constructed a similar jump on the Steps with approval from campus administration. Graybill also described how he had called both the Facilities department and Public Safety today requesting approval for the jump, but no response was given.

“I’m just trying to stick to rules and precedents,” Graybill told the officers.

“Are you a law student?” fired back a surly Feyjoo.

When Graybill went on to point out that all ski team members have signed injury waivers that release Columbia of accident liability, Feyjoo ended the discussion.

“I know you’re very intelligent and very clever, but this is not happening,” he said.

“Is there anyone we can appeal this to?” Graybill asked the two officers.

“You call up Bollinger and get him to tell me this is okay, then I’ll let you do it,” replied Feyjoo.

Shut down by Public Safety, the ski team regrouped on the Steps for a rendition of “Roar, Lion, Roar” before departing for Riverside Park, where they will attempt to make a second ski jump.