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Whatever, Punxsutawney Phil













It’s the last day of March, and for once the weather is behaving correctly – going out like a lamb after the groundhog’s prescribed six extra weeks of winter, being awesome, etc. Super Studies Stalker Julia Mix Barrington sends us photographic evidence of the true sign of a Columbia spring: Core classes, outside the classroom. Lit Hum should be around Cervantes right about now, and CC, something like Nietzsche. Hardly beach fare, but then our syllabi have never been as accommodating as the weather.

More spring, after the jump.

















































-Photos by JMB

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  • GLORIOUS says:

    @GLORIOUS Is it sad that I’m so affected by SAD?

    Today is wonderful. I literally want to dance around campus.

  • GLORIOUS PT. II says:

    @GLORIOUS PT. II and by literally I mean genuinely

  • Woah says:

    @Woah Back off my groundhog. Phil predicted on Feb 2 that there would be six more weeks of winter. Those six weeks ended 15 days ago. And by God it was cold up until then. So back off Phil, he’s never wrong.

  • One thing says:

    @One thing that has come to my attention since Columbians have started to come out of hibernation . . .

    Dear Hipsters,

    Showering does not wash off the cool. Your greasy hair is not what I came onto the steps to see shining in the sun today.

    Your friends and neighbors

  • Another Thing says:

    @Another Thing (not the same person) Dear Girls,

    If it is 50 degrees out that does not qualify as bikini weather. Put some damn clothes on.

    1. take says:

      @take it off

  • but says:

    @but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and friday?

  • wooooo says:

    @wooooo carol slade’s lit hum class first pic!

  • Dear douchebags says:

    @Dear douchebags The sun is out so you immediately feel the need to take out your Gucci sunglasses.

    I’m ok with that.

    However you’re inside now; take them off you human excrement.

  • oh calm down... says:

    @oh calm down... all of you…

    it’s sunny… take the sticks out of your asses…

    i agree with everything you have said, but the fact is, none of it was necessary… just enjoy the nice day for once.

  • pistachio says:

    @pistachio THE SLADE

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