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Wien Not Breathing Easy


Photo by ESN

Bwog’s Airborne Contaminants Team has finally confirmed, after days of close analysis, that the sign posted on the Wien bulletin board earlier this week does indeed contain the word “asbestos.” We’re all gonna die!

Well, maybe only those of us who like to hang out anywhere that smells of the good ol’ John Jay garbage chute. Though the sign says that floors 3-9 will be affected, close inspection of another sign (with much smaller print) reveals that construction on floors 3-8 will be limited to trash rooms, where some asbestos-laden pipe insulation will be replaced.

On floor 9, residents might be a little freaked by the plastic covering the carpet from the staircase to the south end of the hallway. The construction crew, which is set to start work tomorrow, will be removing “350 feet of vinyl asbestos tile” from rooms 938 and 940.

You may be coming home to a freshly “inspected” room,  but just think – it could be worse. Instead of stealing your alcohol, Columbia could have stolen your dearly loved asbestos tile floor. Never leave your valuables behind, kids. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I know a good Mesothelioma lawyer

  • Why says:

    @Why is asbestos awesome?

    Its the as-BEST-ist!

    1. awww says:

      @awww i missed you punster glad to see you’re back : )

  • You sir says:

    @You sir fail at being a dick. Good for you, I guess.

    1. And You Sir says:

      @And You Sir Are using antiquated language to make yourself seem intelligent and of a higher status. Pistols at dawn, sir? Forthwith!

      You don’t think it’s a little bit silly to need to mention the carcinogenic qualities of asbestos in a Bwog post or commentary? Honestly, I wouldn’t need to be a dick of people wouldn’t need to point out the obvious. I don’t care if I succeeded at being a dick, a troll, whatever you wish to call me; all I cared about was making sure you realized your blatantly obvious point was poked fun at a bit.

  • hmm says:

    @hmm hmm isn’t asbestos a carcinogen..? Why isn’t anyone mentioning that?

    1. wait says:

      @wait asbestos is dangerous???

    2. Because says:

      @Because It’s generally understood without someone bringing it up. Like fire is hot or genocide is bad (although that didn’t stop a flyer campaign a few years back on campus…”I’m against genocide.”) Maybe you should start a “I’m against asbestos” flyer campaign.

  • wow says:

    @wow i’ve said it a thousand times, i’ll say it a thousand times more:

    wien sucks.

  • eye witness says:

    @eye witness i was there today when my room in schapiro got “inspected.” some guy with a clip board had one of his facilities minions unlocking people’s doors and making sure you had the right number of beds and desks in your room and checking to see if they were wood or metal. i’m happy to report no alcohol stealing was involved!

  • Question: says:

    @Question: What’s up with EC’s laundry room? And does Wein’s laundry room normally take only quarters?

  • hey says:

    @hey does that mean that every room in wien is full of asbestos?

    We should try to set fire on the floor then as a test! fun!

    1. Somebody says:

      @Somebody Already has lit Wien on fire. No one noticed the difference in living conditions.

      1. if this were slashdot says:

        @if this were slashdot you would be modded way up lol

  • would love it says:

    @would love it if Housing and Facilities staff, as part of a bonding-retreat or training workshop (or whatever), were made to live in Columbia dorms for a weekend or a week. Joyce Jackson gets her own UAH apartment (normally shared by 3 GSers or Grad Students).

  • Surfin' UWS says:

    @Surfin' UWS Who would have thought that such a haven of luxury and comfort would carry asbestos within its paper-thin walls?

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