community board resultsRats, garbage, and the yells of Take Back the Night–they’ve heard about it all.

Last year, the city surveyed 25,000 households and asked them to ponder what makes them happy.  These poetic responses were boiled down into a series of categories about city services and quality of life in various neighborhoods.

Using The New York Times’ handy animated chart, Bwog found that sweet Morningside is in the middle of the pack for many categories, most of which are irrelevant to your average Columbian (students were not included in the survey, as they don’t count as a “household,”). This area rated daytime subway safety and parks highly, as well as a variety of senior citizens’, educational, and public health services.

On the other hand, we had a huge problem with everything college-y: rat control, street noise, air quality, and crime, and we’d have to agree: rat control is just one of those things you can’t do too well.