Free Food and Distractions

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Take away your book stress, housing-related pain, or post-VW panic attack tremors with free food! Choose from two varieties – free food with a side of environmentalism, or free food with a side of 90’s nostalgia.

Earth Co. will host its study break at 10pm on the Lerner ramps, and you know what you get with your cupcake? Free environmental tips!

Or stop by John Jay lounge at 10 to satisfy your long-dormant craving for Gushers, Capri Sun, and blaring 90’s music courtesy of CCSC 2012. There will probably be a council member or two running around in outrageous 90’s garb for your entertainment as well. Enjoy.

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  1. its 10pm  

    where's the EarthCo break?

  2. senior  

    the 1990s! like... when they were born!

  3. when are  

    you going to reveal that the vampire weekend thing was an april fool's joke???

  4. it's  

    after april fool's now.

  5. hopefully  

    this Celsius nonsense is an April Fool's joke too.

    How will I keep being proud of being an American if Bwog conforms to the way every one else measures temperature?!

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