British Boys Singing!

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Satisfy your Anglophilia tonight at 6:00, when the Westminster Boys’ Choir will be performing in St. Paul’s Chapel. Westminster Abbey has been training boys in addition to its adult choir for at least six centuries, but this is the first United States tour for the little lads. Their normal routine at home in England includes singing Evensong six times a week and playing cricket, which is basically living the dream.

They know their stuff, too – they’ve sung for both Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II. As Her Majesty no doubt said after seeing the choir perform, blimey. Drop in, and brag to your Music Hum professor about it tomorrow.

Photo via the Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. hos  

    wow um i meant the souls of black folk the wonderful book i am reading

  2. LAUNDRY  

    Anyone else having problems with laundry view? The dorms aren't listed anymore....

  3. They were  

    Amazing! Max was SO good. And so was the little Indian boy on the other end. And how about that little blonde kid? He was so funny with his dramatic facial expressions!

  4. laundryview  

    is fine for me. i don't think it works if you're using wireless.

  5. Impressive  

    I heard rapper Jadakiss is coming to Columbia on Thursday too.

  6. Blimey!  

    A great performance. I'm not sure which was more entertaining: the choristers (who were excellent!) or the two little English boys (Wills and Angus; no lie) sitting next to me, talking about which song was the most boring and thanking God that the program was only one page long.

    Is there a (non-acapella) choir at Columbia? Who can join, and how?

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