Putting Seniors Out To Pasture, Without 40s

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Hey, ’09! Don’t forget that today (as in “right now”), your new and improved 40s on 40 will be on the steps. It’s called “Senior Playpen,” a subtle way of reminding you that Columbia still thinks you’re eight years old.

So go celebrate your last few weeks of being a quasi-child by getting crazy in what is literally a university-built pen (and it doesn’t even have a ball pit!). Remember to bring your Columbia ID, and don’t try to sneak in any oversize bags, because they hate that.

And check back with Bwog soon for some real 40s on 40 news.

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  1. Class of '09  


    The CU administration is a disgrace for doing this.

  2. Got  

    my free sandwich and left. What a load of crock.

  3. '09  

    CCSC and the administration must hate us.

    THANKS for fucking up this tradition!

  4. free food

    Bwog, there is a whole art exhibit with free food in lerner piano lounge going on now--get crackin

  5. Alumnus

    Jesus christ I wish you guys would stop bitching about this 40s on 40 thing. It wasn't that fun. Just go buy some two dollar forties and get to drinking on the weekend. You weren't missing much.

    • senior  

      i agree- except when i went for my free sandwich i was totally creeped out and felt under scrutiny by the gaurds. I counted 15 on one half of the thing mostly evenly spaced. So I assume there were about 30 public safety gaurds watching the perimeter.

      Also the food in lerner included delicious cupcakes and it wasn't freezing as balls.

  6. fabulous  

    This looks like some rural farm festival in Kentucky, only lamer. Good job, Columbia.

  7. massad!  

    tenure! yaaaaaaaay!

  8. thanks Columbia  

    it's good to know that while the NYPD and the London Police are cautious about searching bags of even terrorist suspects for bombs, you have no hesitation doing so with Ivy League students for beer

  9. #73648C  

    Welcome to the internment camp, kids. people with yellow bracelets please report to the furnace.

    • Excuse me,  

      did you just compare your deprivation of alcohol to a concentration camp? I'm sorry but that is unbelievably absurd. Discouraging alcoholism is NOT AT ALL comparable to genocide. Get. A. Grip.

    • seriously?  

      way to trivialize the holocaust and the treatment of japanese-americans during WWII, you bastard. your over-inflated sense of entitlement is disgusting.

  10. Any

    Pictures? Is there really NO beer?

  11. yeah  

    It's also good to know that although CU is cutting back on public safety operations, they're able to afford employing 15 (or more?) people to stand around like secret service and police this event. Classic Columbia-- always has its priorities backwards.

  12. And in response  

    I can't speak for anybody else, but I don't bitch because I think 40s on 40 would be the greatest event ever. It's just come to represent, for me at least, all that's wrong with how Columbia treats its students. And frankly I think that connection should be pretty obvious...

  13. Another Alum

    Sorry that your 40 had to be on a crappy day. Last year it was beautiful, but in 07 it was cold and rainy.

    And to the sad alum above, real 40's on 40 was awesome for me, even if I wasn't a senior. If you didn't have a good time, that was your own fault.

  14. so happy

    I'm not the only senior who feels this way. CCSC has really fucked up. I may have to listen to my iPod as Mark Johnson gives his class day speech.

    Also, rumor has it, Senior Ball (the thing at Capitale), is limited to 1,000 people (CC, SEAS, BC, and GS). That's less than half the entire senior class. And it'll set you back $97/person. Worth it? If today is any indication...

  15. actually  

    we did not pay for security -- at all. The war on fun came at minimal cost.

  16. freshman

    I pointed and laughed. how humiliating for you guys.

  17. the guy with sense

    just get a flask and drink outside the perimeter. Why do you need to be in the boxed-in area anyways? liquor is better than beer anyways.

  18. senior  

    How is free food and free beer humiliating? So what if you're limited to two beers, two free beers is better than nothing.

    • it's not free...  

      I'm sure your student activities fee goes to pay for it...

    • are you kidding  

      The point is people are willing to BUY THEIR OWN BEER over the kind of shit that transpired today. For fuck's sake, they were inspecting our bags and nalgene bottles. Who the fuck do they think they are? We pay $46k a year for that kind of treatment?

      We deserve better for what we pay, and also I think deserve the respect that goes with being a student at an institution like CU. I really want to get rich and powerful soon and actually start trying to call some shots with student affairs, and get some people on SDA fired. These fuckers act totally in their own interest and are able to get away with not even distributing feedback surveys on how they're doing, which I guarantee you would be overwhelmingly negative given their farcical performance.

  19. much much better idea  

    become rich and powerful, give commencement speeches at other schools

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