Free Food and Study Abroad Shortcuts!

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Not to say that anyone who goes to study in a country that requires little or no foreign language proficiency is taking a shortcut. However, if you would like to study abroad somewhere other than wherever your foreign language requirement can get you, you might want a shortcut around taking another two years of language beforehand. 

If you’re thinking along those lines and you’re hungry, stop by CCSC 2011 & 2012’s info event, Study Abroad Programs in English. Free pizza will be served, and you can learn about all the study abroad programs that you are eligible for without any proficiency in a foreign language, or with a proficiency you can get in a semester.

And that’s more than just the UK – South Africa, the Czech Republic, and Austria are all favorites with little or no pre-requesite language. Information about keeping up with the Core while abroad will also be provided at this event. It all goes down from 4:00-6:00 pm today in Lerner C555.

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  1. curious senior

    does anybody know how latin honors work? what are the general cutoffs for GPA, etc?

    bwog, it would be cool if you could look into this subject... with graduation around the corner i'm sure seniors (and even some farsighted underclassmen) would be interested in this topic...

  2. scu

    does anyone know how scuba PE works? is it 3.5 hours every week? that would be crazy.

  3. Alumnus

    The cutoff is normally 25% for Cum Laude. You won't know who got it until you open your class day pamphlet. I was actually pretty surprised as many of the people who I considered the brightest in our class (and still do) didn't get an honor; in other words, don't put too much stock in it. Also I noticed that a lot of the people in Phi Beta Kappa didn't get summa.

  4. Extremely

    Rough guess but high 3.7 for cum, high 3.8 for magma, high 3.9 for summa. That's vaguely what it was my year

    • Maybe

      But to give you an idea a close friend of mine received a 3.99 gpa (thanks to a real asshat of a teacher with a vindictive streak) and she only received magna. She was disappointed but look above for some wisdom: it doesn't really matter.

  5. is it  

    based on cum. GPA including or excluding your spring semester of senior year?

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