Joseph Massad to Be Granted Tenure?

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Last May, rumors circulated that controversial Professor Joseph Massad was up for a second round of tenure review, after having been denied tenure six months earlier. Now, word is spreading both on campus and in media outlets that Massad has been granted tenure.

Massad, who is in Egypt this semester, did not respond to an email request for comment (although this CSU-Stanislaus professor claims Massad’s already heard the news), and University spokesman Robert Hornsby told Bwog, “it is our longstanding policy not to comment on any tenure case.” But even when they do comment, the news will probably go unnoticed, and the internet will move on…or not.



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  1. Well

    I'm sure the militant Zionists will be all over this shit as soon as they finish Seder. Time to put on the witch hunt cammo and wheel out the guillotine.

  2. the real story  

    is how columbia gave him tenure moooonths ago and kept it under wraps for so long. a rare feat.

  3. good  

    glad to know Academia still has some integrity and zionist/AIPAC style political influence isn't getting in the way of academic decisions

  4. Non-story

    It's a non-story however. I understand that Massad is a massive asshole (hell, I was around the man on a daily basis for a while) but he is undeniably a first-class scholar. The only reason he didn't get tenure the first time around was to save face for his department. What is shocking is that the university had a second tenure review (unheard of at this university) and I get the feeling this was to save face with the academic community who knew Massad had been wronged.

  5. finally!  

    مبروك Professor Massad!!! If the rumors are true, Columbia has greatly added to its scholarship.

  6. Paige  

    West got tenured!

  7. not unheard of  

    I know of three other cases where there was a second tenure review. Each within the last seven years. Two of three received tenure second time around.

  8. SAD  

    Yeah, actually, it's very common for a person to get tenure after a second review when more scholarship may be published (for example, the first time Massad applied was before Desiring Arabs came out, so this time around, they were able to consider that scholarship, which added more weight to the application). So, I am very happy for him (the man is brilliant), and I think we need to stop pretending like this is a big deal when it really shouldn't be.

  9. ...  

    aw well... sheeeit. now that madoff has blown all that zionist dough, what's the point? we may as well give the geezer tenure...

    that said, i just read his 2002 paper on whitey tryin tell gay arabs how to be. all i have to say is this; yikes, these humanities people are weird.

    it truly is a weirdness that transcends all cultural bounds.

  10. Well,

    I think his scholarship is a social construct.

  11. Woohooo

    Glad to know academic integrity still exists.

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