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The SGA has released their election results, and Barnard’s new student council president is Katie Palillo, who won with 73% of the vote. She’ll be joined by Kimberly Wu (VP Student Government, Amy Chen (VP Student Activities), Giselle Leon (VP Communications), and Sharmin Ahmed (VP Finance)

41.5% of Barnard students voted, despite the senior and junior class races being uncontested. Those class councils will be headed by Chelsea Zimmerman and Lara Avsar, respectively, and they’ll be joined by Bo Yun Park, who won the sophomore class race with 56%. Full results after the jump.

41.5% of Barnard Students Voted!

Thanks to all our candidates and to everyone who voted.  Announcing the officers of the 2009-2010 Barnard College Student Government Association:

Position: Winning Candidate (Percentage of Vote)

President SGA: Katie Palillo (73%)

Vice President, Student Government: Kimberly Wu (52%)

Vice President, Student Activities: Amy Chen (55%)

Vice President, Communications:  Giselle Leon (44%)

Vice President, Finance: Sharmin Ahmed (68%)

Jr.Representative to the Board of Trustees: Verna Patti (100%)

Representative to the Engineering Student Council: Jenny Chen (100%)

Community Affairs Representative: Ellie Mcnamara (51%)

Academic Affairs Representative: Zeest Haider (57%)

Representative for Diversity: Anna Steffens (100%)

Representative for Student Services: Marci Leveillee (100%)

Sr. Class President: Chelsea Zimmerman (100%)

Sr. Class VP: Stephanie Velasquez (100%)

Sr. Class Secretary: Lindsay Mcghay (100%)

Jr. Class President: Lara Avsar (100%)

Jr. Class VP: Doris Domoszlai (100%)

Jr. Class Secretary: Marisa Franklin (60%)

Soph. Class President: Bo Yun Park (56%)

Soph. Class VP: Madalena Provo (51%)

Soph. Class Treasurer: Astrika Wilhelm (100%)

Soph. Class Secretary: Victoria Pollack (100%)

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  1. bc12  

    i love that you can tell that most people just chose randomly.

  2. Nonsense  

    Barnard is a school for strong, beautiful women. Clearly the school must be led by the strongest and most beautiful of the lot.

    I think these elections are a sham and the process ought to be replaced by a wrestling match and a beauty pageant.

  3. person  

    fuck yeah kim wu

  4. sherlock

    if they 'chose randomly', why are the winners all girls?

  5. why vote  

    at all, then?

  6. smart.  

    sherlock. the winners are all girls because it's a girl's school and only girls ran.

  7. bc10

    actually, there was ~49% turnout 2 years ago. good job, spec.

  8. butch oxendine

    The American Student Government Association tracks voter turnout in student government elections. The average for private institutions is 15-20%. So Barnard is double that.

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