Grad Students…They’re Just Like Us!

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We haven’t heard from our favorite 209-haunting uber-dashing favorite grad student in a while. This week, James Franco resurfaced in New York Magazine in a feature about New Yorkers old and new. Franco discusses the joys of riding the subway and being able to actually read in transit instead of listening to audiobooks on the Pacific Coast Highway. The brief interview includes a few lines about Butler, about which Franco muses: “I go to the Columbia library all the time…Everybody used to come up to me in the library. Then I realized I was in the one room people are free to talk in. Now I go to the quiet room.”

Plus, the cafe has lousy wireless.



  1. *sigh*  

    he looks so beautiful in that picture

  2. ....  

    it sure took him a while to realize that he was in the lounge

  3. Yummy!  

    Soon my darling.....soon we will f**k like cousins in the mid-west. In violent retardation.

  4. ehh  

    he's really not *especially* attractive; he just has a reasonable fashion sense unlike nearly everyone else on this campus

  5. actually,  

    i saw him on thursday...he looked kinda like a homeless man. maybe he was sick?

  6. all  

    all columbia students look homeless - especially the hoomeless ones

  7. like  

    omg hez lik so hot

  8. no.

    columbia is the one place in the world where it has been proven that you can look really bad in really expensive attire.

    it's difficult to look bad in chanel. but somehow, these girls pull it off.

  9. swoooooooooooo  


  10. Looks like  

    Adam Flomenbaum a bit.

  11. and a

    and a million boys from SEAS screamed in anguish!


    Brown? Maybe they never had a chance anyway?

  12. lol  

    a friend of mine got a pic with him in the library.

  13. Brown?!?!  

    She chose effing Brown?!?!

    ?? Somebody tell her that we're screening Alice on 4/20!

  14. I wouldn't  

    trust News of the World (the original source). Where I grew up, it called the Screws of the World.

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