QuickCPR: Of Kids, Films, and Half-Truths

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The new issue of the
Columbia Political Review is out! Read it online, download it as a PDF, or hunt for a print copy in the wilds of Lerner, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Authors with political agendas aim for children’s hearts, minds, and future campaign donations. 

If internal conflict and foreign invasion destroy Iraq’s past, can it have a future

Why “The Life And Times of Barack Obama: The Movie” should never be made, as if that could really be avoided.

How one architect plans your politics for you.

Beware the pop economist bearing prepackaged cocktail party conversation.



  1. No Obama Movie?  

    Another reason why: The black guy always dies first in movies.

  2. hey bwog  

    can you do a pre-registration funny class names post like you did last semester again?

  3. Damnit Bwog  

    Help the Heavyweight Crew out! They beat Princeton for God's sake! Did you hear me?!?!!? We beat Princeton at something!!!


  4. damnit  


  5. Angry Black Man  

    Dis shit ain't political. Too much of dat artsy sociology shit. Well, at least I can read it in da bafroom while I'm taking a doo doo. Also, what is with da big naked baby?

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