Teachers College Professor Faints on Fox News

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Normally when someone passes out on Glenn Beck’s show, it’s just some kicky metaphoric role-play commenting on the day’s news. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case yesterday, when Teachers College professor David Buckner fainted on air while discussing the economy on Beck’s Fox News show.

In the middle of recounting America’s economic “path to destruction,” Buckner began swaying, then staggering out of frame. His first warning of “I’m passing out,” delivered in a polite whisper, couldn’t distract Beck from his lecture on our grim, grim future, so Buckner was forced to casually introduce it as a topic of conversation. Beck tried to catch his fall when he went down a minute later. Despite the fact that there are a ton of people on any given television set, Beck had to ask, “Somebody help him, please?” pretty plaintively before anyone with a headset would hesitantly approach.

Beck came back on after a commercial break and explained that Buckner had been feeling lightheaded earlier that morning, but was awake and alert backstage. Beck has a reputation for, shall we say, tending towards intensity, but he doesn’t seem to be the cause of this particular mini-tempest. Bwog wishes a speedy recovery to Professor Buckner, and recommends that everybody try to spend at least one hour a day not thinking about the recession.

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  1. recession  

    delivering faint bodies at your doorstep every day!

  2. this glenn beck guy  

    this show is so freaking intense. he cries during the show, and pours fake gas on his guests. then he pretends to be obama and lights them on fire!

    and his motto is "we surround them"...kinda revolutionary rhetoric.

    what's interesting is the MASSIVE fanbase he's accrued in a relatively small amount of time. surpassed maddow and olbermann in no time.

    • this glenn beck guy...

      Yes, he is intense. That said, he is also a demagogue, and I have no reservations saying so, even though I wouldn't remotely self- identify as a liberal, and I despise Olbermann. He seems sincere some of the time, and sometimes he does offer genuine insight in a way that others on television don't, but his appetite for insincerity seems to exceed that of even his basest fellow "journalists," and his tendency to condescend to his audience is unsurpassed. I think his rise as an opinion-monger is most regrettable.

  3. also this glenn beck guy  

    "Prove to me you aren't working for our enemies." Remember that one? All he needed was a change of venue, CNN Headline news just wasn't the place for him, but a certain other news network was.

  4. ...  


  5. Surfin' UWS  

    I get light-headed watching Beck too. But it's usually a stupidity overload.

    I can get why a professor would be overwhelmed by this guy's whale-sized BS.

  6. there was  

    something on gawker covering this titled "Difference Between Glenn Beck Program and Tent Show Revival Continues to Diminish".

    Also, will someone finally tell me whether collegeboxes is legit or whether they'll wear my underwear.

  7. rimshot  

    cue lack of oxygen joke.

  8. also  

    whats all this about having to be out of your room 24 hours after your last exam? do they really care?


    no no no no NO
    i know at least ten people who got FUCKED OVER by collegeboxes. this one girl may have gotten lucky, but that doesn't make it the norm

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    and lots of stuff were broken
    also, its really OVERPRICED.
    look into the many many other storage options around campus, or ask friends who live off-campus
    don't support college boxes, they will fuck you over and NOT COMPENSATE YOU for any damages or losses (one person i know had a whole box of their stuff lost, and only received 20 dollars for hundreds of dollars in losses)

    these people just have some sort of advertising deal with columbia which gets their name out everywhere, but as a service they are shit.

    • Well...  

      Any other recommendations then?

      And I'm not talking storage in NJ, but a service that comes to your dorm, picks up the boxes, keep them secure and with a notice, delivers them to you efficiently to your new address in the fall without having to spend like 10 hours waiting?

      I live in Canada and really cant see myself dragging all of this stuff back home only to drag it down again.

  10. collegeboxes  

    ive used them three times. Yeah sometimes you don't get your boxes right away and last fall there was big to do when they were really late getting boxes back, but the system is better now and you can track your boxes online. The convenience out ways everything else.

    • my roommate  

      used Hudson storage or something like that for this past summer. I seem to remember them being pretty good about pricing and delivery and whatnot. I remember they were in the John Jay entryway at the end of the year last year...

  11. Barnard Junior  

    CollegeBoxes is bad news. I don't know if they're banned this year, but they definitely were last year.

    Summer Storage is the alternative, and they deliver on a set date straight to your new door, with all your delicate belongings nice and intact. I'm not sure if they have the same deal for Columbia.

  12. Alum

    "Despite the fact that there are a ton of people on any given television set . . . ."

    I have two television sets in my apartment. As far as I know, neither has ever had any people on it.

  13. Hudson  

    Used them last year. Pretty good. They make a number of drops/pickups from campus.

  14. CollegeBoxes

    No, no, and more NO.

    There are much better and more reliable services for better prices. Some good ones are suggested by other commenters. They lost a box of my clothes summer of '07. I got my $20, but by accepting it they pretty much told me, "if we ever do find it, it's ours."

  15. CC '09  

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    Seriously, Manhattan Mini Storage is the way to go.

    • same  

      exact story: west coaster, no car or family to help moveout, etc.

      I do manhattan mini storage and they're by far the cheapest and most convenient option. You can also access your shit whenever rather than be tied to when they decide to deliver.

      • me again  

        but I wouldn't bother paying $100 bucks for them to move your stuff out for you. It's only going to 106th & Amsterdam, and you can definitely move the stuff yourself in no more than 2 hours at the most (let's say 3 cartloads of stuff from 116th & broadway to 106th & Amsterdam).

        My time is definitely not worth $50/hr -- and more likely than not, yours isn't either.

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