Normally when someone passes out on Glenn Beck’s show, it’s just some kicky metaphoric role-play commenting on the day’s news. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case yesterday, when Teachers College professor David Buckner fainted on air while discussing the economy on Beck’s Fox News show.

In the middle of recounting America’s economic “path to destruction,” Buckner began swaying, then staggering out of frame. His first warning of “I’m passing out,” delivered in a polite whisper, couldn’t distract Beck from his lecture on our grim, grim future, so Buckner was forced to casually introduce it as a topic of conversation. Beck tried to catch his fall when he went down a minute later. Despite the fact that there are a ton of people on any given television set, Beck had to ask, “Somebody help him, please?” pretty plaintively before anyone with a headset would hesitantly approach.

Beck came back on after a commercial break and explained that Buckner had been feeling lightheaded earlier that morning, but was awake and alert backstage. Beck has a reputation for, shall we say, tending towards intensity, but he doesn’t seem to be the cause of this particular mini-tempest. Bwog wishes a speedy recovery to Professor Buckner, and recommends that everybody try to spend at least one hour a day not thinking about the recession.

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