General Selection Begins Today

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Rise and shine! Wouldn’t want to miss your General Selection appointment time (you lucky, lucky bastards).

If you are lucky enough to have an appointment this morning, or you want to use your super powers to keep your room from being taken by staring at it, you can log into the General Selection Portal here. The process will officially be underway at 9:30 this morning, when a single senior with the lottery number 9 will be able to choose a room.

Since everyone can see the constantly updated data on which rooms are free, even those who chose in Suite Selection, we will not be LiveBwogging the process for your pleasure. If you get tired of staring at the taken Watt studio singles, the general selection list by uni and by appointment time might take the edge off the old addiction to laughable yet biting housing web coverage.

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  1. LMX  

    Carlton Arms is for 3-2 students. There are some big singles, but it's a very crappy residence hall for engineering grads and 3-2 students. It's on 109 and Riverside.

    Don't live there...

  2. Haha  

    There's a guy named "Charles MacBain" living in McBain

    Yes I'm five years old

  3. Number 9...  

    Number 9... Number 9... Number 9...

  4. Dane Cook  

    is actually his name? He was briefly in my German class and when he introduced himself I thought it was a joke.

  5. awk  

    this picture's shrubbery looks like poorly trimmed bush

  6. penn gillette  

    that house really needs to shave its armpits.

  7. I like how  

    it's practically impossible to get to the portal except through the Bwog link. Seriously, the Columbia housing website is ridiculous.

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