Hartley Fire Alarm Set Off…By a Frickin’ Laundry Machine

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For about the past half an hour, freshman students were marooned outside Hartley, Wallach and John Jay after a rogue washing machine in Hartley caught fire.

“I was going to do my laundry in the Hartley laundry room, and it was filled with smoke.” A few minutes later, “The entire hall was filled with smoke,” said the freshman who first encountered the flaming cleaner of clothes. Public safety is now letting students back in, though they initially said the wait would be closer to an hour. Students reentering John Jay have noticed that the stairwells smell heavily of smoke.

We were under the impression that laundromats were way more fun


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  1. Former LLCer  

    I knew those dryers were too unreasonably hot!

    Then again, it's pretty much like that everywhere on this campus.

  2. Angry Black Man  

    Damn! Someone's clothes got burned up! It doesn't matter, Talib is comin' tomorrow!

    True dat Bwog for putting my gurl Nivea on dis shit! Dat ass is so tight!

    Also shout out to Jojo Blake in Europe. Hope he is doing well. Again, middle finger to Columbia and the student government that does nothing but cater to them. Lastly, shout out to my neighborhood of Queensbridge where this man came from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ePQKD9iBfU

    Aight. I'm out.

  3. i feel bad  

    for the kid whose clothes are ruined

    • ouch  

      really anybody whose clothes were in the laundry room are going to smell too strongly of smoke to be able to wear again.

      it's bad enough that they had to do their laundry on a friday night, why did they need more punishment?!

  4. Laundry  

    Does anyone else think the laundry machines are messed up? Check out Shapiro's laundry room.

  5. Eesh  

    I just went down there to try to get clothes... it's not pretty.

  6. agreed  

    if that was me i'd be so unhappy.

    i'm so glad i procrastinated doing laundry today...



  8. or maybe  

    clean out the lint screen after you do your load in addition, as an act of kindness to your fellow man. If you go to use a dryer and the lint screen is clean already, you'll know it was me.

  9. ...  

    this is why you don't put rubber, poleyester or pants with lighters in the pockets in the dryer.

    as much fun as it is to blame columbia for these things (and as much as i love hating on columbia), dryers are designed with strict safety standards in mind and i'm afraid i put more faith in a manufacturer avoiding lawsuits than some 18 year old kid who just learned how to do laundry 8 months ago.

    • I know  

      the girl whose clothes it was, and I can guarantee that she didn't do anything stupid like that. You know what they say about assuming...

      Also, bwog, it was not just freshmen, the LLC is half sophomores

      • ...  

        well then. so some anonymous commenter claims to know the girl involved, assuming it was a girl, and while he/she wasn't there to see what happened, he/she knows that the girl would never accidentally put something that shouldn't go in the dryer, in the dryer.


  10. And now

    we have no hot water. Fantastic.

  11. smelly  

    can I shower yet?

  12. Angry Black Man  

    ".that student government you speak of is co-sponsoring the concert and put in the money to be able to get Talib"

    No. OUR POCKETS (that is Our Mamas, dads, selves, whoever) are paying for Talib to be here. And co-sponsoring something doesn't mean shit. Only means your names get tagged on all the shirts, and you can smile and take credit.

    "Actually, someone from CCSC suggested Talib Kweli."
    True. I'll give you that. But I am damn sure that it is easier to get Talib here because HIS BROTHER IS A CU PROFESSOR. Talib has been on campus many times this year, in case you didn't notice.

    How about CCSC get one of these rappers?

    Lil Wayne
    Lupe Fiasco
    Nas (He is easy right? Just across the bridge)
    Hell, I'll even listen to Fat Joe.

    THEY CAN'T DO THIS. Student Government is all full of people who want to increase their resumes (see Sue Yang).

  13. Concerned JJ resident  

    ...and the John Jay fire alarm did NOT go off... in spite of the strong, suffocating smell of smoke. Someone had to actually pull it. Thank you for keeping us safe, Columbia...

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