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ZekeAnother blog has discovered our friend Sarah Dooley.  Yes, her character is a lot like Michael Scott, but so much cuter!

A Columbia grad student played in that intertubes-inspired concert at Carnegie Hall: “I haven’t hardly played at all.”

Drought in Africa: yes, it could happen, and it’s happened before: “startling.”

Ever wonder what happens in that underground lab by Avery?  It’s the behavioral labs for the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.  A reporter discloses the horrors within.

Studying at a university that crushes your self-esteem, remind yourself now and again that you have skills.  It’ll raise your grades by one third of a grade.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

The J-School, with PrezBo’s impetus, is leading the way in adapting its curriculum to the post-print world.  In love with newsprint?  First, learn Photoshop.

The world’s largest collection of pop music is now available for your perusal at a library near you.  Hopefully, most of it is pre-Britney.

News flash: Ivy League tuition is expensive.  So we’ve signed up for a government supplement fund to help GI’s complete their education here.

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  1. When  

    Billo and Hannity and Coulter and the like call us left-wing liberal unpatriotic Jihadists, someone please tell them about the GI-supplement.

    • masochist  

      I kind of enjoy Fox News's constant nonsense about us, in part because I know some of my acquaintances back home are are watching it and thinking about how I'll come back as a pinko-commie/eastcoastliberal/socialist/gay-loving/iranian/americahatin'/etc...

      needless to say, i have a lot to live up to when I go home.

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