Oh, the Fiery Horror

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The fire is out, the smoke has cleared, and a half-dozen people probably lost half their wardrobe.

Our official Charred Carnage Expert David Berke was wandering by Hartley this morning and noticed that the offending dryers were being unceremoniously evicted from the building.

Hartley Burnt Driers 1 

Take a quiet moment now in memory of those monstrous sock-eaters that lost their lives two days ago.  And try not to stare.

More schadenfreude after the jump.

Photos by DJB

Hartley Burnt Driers 2

Hartley Burnt Driers 3

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  1. yeah  

    that's freaking intense.

  2. tehinternetz  

    BURN! LOL!

  3. ...  

    In other news, machines in the Hartley laundry room leave clothes dry for the first time in years.

  4. Which idiot  

    Set that thing off without checking the lint filter?


  5. Although  

    they clearly set it off by not cleaning out the lint, It still sucks to have all of your clothes destroyed. So let's give them a little slack- I think that's punishment enough.

  6. and to think  

    that I almost did laundry there that night...

  7. Most importantly  

    All the other machines from that room were also sitting in the Taint Archway . . . Which means ALL NEW WASHERS AND DRYERS . . . Even though anyone currently living here will only be able to use them like once

  8. bollocks  

    It can't have been because of the lint thing, otherwise we'd have fires every year.

    And there would be Maytag lawsuits every year, and there would be 100's of warning signs on the machines telling you to clean the lint. Noobs.

  9. if someone hadn't  

    cleaned out the lint in a while it certainly wouldn't have helped. lint is extremely flamable--it's how we started fires in cub scouts.

  10. wat  

    I just accidentally your entire laundry, is this bad?

  11. n00b  

    maybe a condom started it?

  12. it had to be done  

    hartley started the fire! / it was always burning / since the laundry's been turning

  13. Just wondering...  

    but why hasn't Housing sent out any official e-mails such as a recap of the situation or the Hartley-Wallach laundry room is out of service or maybe suggestions for the 1,000+ students trying to use the 16 washers and dryers in John Jay right now. Anything official? Really?

  14. ahahahaha

    you want housing to keep *you* informed? you seem to hold the mistaken belief that the columbia administration is supposed to somehow support you. you are sorely mistaken.

    4 years ago Student Affairs commissioned a study by McKinsey & Co. to look into whether there was a viable business model for CC/SEAS that eliminated the need to enroll any students. You see, their jobs would be much easier if they could just figure out a way to take students out of the equation.

    You can imagine their shock and dismay when they were informed that the whole point of a College is to enroll students. I've heard that the administrators thought the consultant was joking when she said this.

    True story.

  15. aj p  

    must be really scared by the dryers...i mean first having to walk at night in scary old harlem, now exploding washing machines? oh no...lets hope he doesn't win the election next year

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