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2009-2010 ESC Candidates Announced

Straight from Whitney Green, SEAS ’10 and ESC Secretary, your ESC candidates. Congratulations!


Class President

Heather Lee – Expresh

Class VP

Joffre Andrade – Expresh

Class Rep

Austin Brauser – Equilibrium Party

Stanley Chen – Equilibrium Party

Liza John

Varun Gulati

More results after the jump.


Class President

Kamal Yechoor – Synergy

Kimberly Lipman-White

Class VP

Dana Ibarra – Synergy

Class Rep

Albert Miller – Synergy

Epsita Hoque – Synergy


Class President

Judy Kim – Fu My Life

Tsado, Alexander Omokhude – Lion’s Alliance

Yongbok Scott Lee – Fun Foundation

Class VP

Santosh Balachandar – Fu My Life

Tianning Mary Ye – Lion’s Alliance

Katherine Bell – Fun Foundation

Class Rep

Rebecca Frauzem – Lion’s Alliance

Mailing Wu – Fu My Life

Eric Tang – Lion’s Alliance

Spencer Almen – Fu My Life

Aman Eyasu – Fun Foundation

Ben Ye – Fun Foundation 


Timur Dykhne

Daniel Nitiutomo

Eric Hirani

Alumni Affairs

Ini Li

Emma Lebwohl

Academic Affairs

Mike Wymbs

Student Service Reps

Sahil Shah

Nathan Lee

CCSC Liaison

Jennifer Vettel

GSSC Liaison

Nathan Levick

SGA Liaison

Jessica Lewis

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  • woooo says:

    @woooo Varun for senior class rep!

  • which says:

    @which Sahil Shah?

  • bwog, says:

    @bwog, you might want to clarify this post a little bit. the election isn’t for another two weeks, so “your elected ESC candidates” is just flat-out incorrect…

  • I am says:

    @I am so tired of jacking it into chipotle napkins.

    1. You could says:

      @You could start going to a different restaurant.

  • yay says:

    @yay varun!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous is the best party name since fu tang clan.

    1. why says:

      @why thank you.

  • spencer says:

    @spencer is one of my favorite people ever.

  • Baby Protector says:

    @Baby Protector Kamal Yechoo eats babies, vote for the other one, whoever she may be to protect our children!

  • Kamal says:

    @Kamal is the bomb dot com

  • Kamal says:

    @Kamal loves eating small children.

  • Vote for Varun! says:

    @Vote for Varun! vote for varun!!!

  • "Synergy" says:

    @"Synergy" seriously, can you think of a worse group of people?

  • ewww says:

    @ewww no. no, i cannot.

  • i lubbbb varun says:

    @i lubbbb varun y yo tambien

  • i love says:

    @i love varun!!!!!

  • wait says:

    @wait what about Felipe Tarud?

  • who cares about felipe.. says:

    @who cares about felipe.. …tarud.

    it’s about the varun love babaaayyyyy

  • ... says:

    @... fu my life, lipman-white, it’ll be all right

  • yay says:

    @yay kim lipman-white gonna give kamal a run for his money

  • I think says:

    @I think Joffre is the best!

  • yee says:

    @yee yee joffre yee

  • Lipman-white is AMAZING says:


  • chris says:

    @chris varun is a sex god.

    vote for him based solely on his sexiness.

    or his body.

  • varun.. says:

    @varun.. is the biggest tool on campus…

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