A Mile Away, But Totally Worth It

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Hippies: They know what’s up. Hot off the heels of yesterday’s holiday, during which certain sectors of the campus experienced an oddly intense, insistent hunger, Ben and Jerry’s brings you Free Cone Day. It’s the duo’s annual way of showering you with affection and gratitude, and it’s from noon to 8:00 tonight. The nearest store is 104th and Broadway, and yes, it’s participating. Get a cone, pretend it’s ten degrees warmer out, and daydream of May 16th.

Cross over to Amsterdam and 105th for today’s other deal: 50-cent iced coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts. 10% of the profits go to Homes for Our Troops, a non-profit organization that builds and modifies handicapped-accessible homes for veterans. There’s a video on the Dunkin’ Donuts website about their partnership.

Good luck venturing beyond Columbia’s stately gates in the quest for a sugar and/or caffeine rush.

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  1. ten blocks  

    ~ half a mile

  2. ALERT

    First, thanks Bwog for posting this up.

    Second, remember THIS guy???

  3. YO!  

    Art Hum and Music Hum caps just got cut in half, and now all the sections are full. WTF?

  4. lawl  

    it's so easy to tell who's seas and who's cc

  5. 2150  

    aw man i missed it. good thing they'll probably be doing it again next year! thanks ben & jerrys!!

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