BREAKING: Ann Coulter Coming to Columbia

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Let’s be honest: this semester’s been pretty lacking for controversial speakers. Until now, that is. Yes, famous author, commentator, and hater-of-all-latte-sipping-liberals Ann Coulter is coming to Columbia this May 4th.

Coulter is being brought by the Columbia College Republicans and the Columbia Conservative Forum, with assistance from Young America’s Foundation and the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute (Coulter’s speaking fee is typically $20,000), and will speak at 8 p.m. in Altschul Auditorium in IAB. Her speech will be followed by a signing of her latest book, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America. No doubt many measured repartees will accompany the signings.

Not surprisingly, the event will be ticketed, with passes available starting either Sunday or Monday at the Lerner Box Office and at CUArts online. Should be a blast (photo from Wikimedia Commons).


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  1. what do you  

    call people who protest ann?

    The counter-coulter!

  2. a happy conservative  


    let the shit show begin

  3. wtf  

    are you fucking shitting me? i wonder who she'll call a "fag" this time.

  4. ugh...  

    senior dinner is during that time... i really wanted to get wasted and go throw shit at her.

    • Alum

      Someone should at least throw her a sandwich. It can't be good for anyone to be that thin.

      I'm no fan of hers, but I'd hate to see this turn into another Minuteman debacle. CU got tons of bad press from that one, and the protesters had no business preventing the speech anyway.

      • I agree  

        with the aforementioned. Don't give the college repubs and coulter the attention that they are so desperately trying to provoke here.

        Don't go, don't protest - just go about your last day of school shit as you otherwise would -- and when your curiosity overcomes you read about it on bwog / watch it on the daily show. I pledge to do the same.

        Seriously this would be fucking great, and there is almost no one (conservative, liberal, or otherwise) on this campus who's a coulter fan.

        Don't give this racist, bigoted idiot a brighter spotlight by valuing her presence with your own

  5. When I think Ann Coulter  

    the words "henious bitch" come to mind.

  6. attention  

    Keith Olbermann - please come debate this bitch

    • looking

      for a battle of intellectual equals?

      Anyway, taking a look at the republicans site it looks like they already have brought the first openly gay ny state senator (a republican) and chuck hagel (former NE Senator who was an iraq war critic) to speak this year so I don't think one can really criticize them about only bringing anti-intellectual speakers.

      I think its more likely that hung over and short attention spanned columbia students only get tickled by an event when there is a bomb throwing speaker coming.

      (and i wouldn't group horowitz and coulter together, horowitz is much more credible than her)

      also funny is all the people making fun of how skinny she is, half of them would gladly stick the first bag of antlers williamsburg hipster they see in a bar

  7. wow

    why do the republicans invite her?

    i would think that students at columbia who are members of the republican party would at least be trying to distance themselves from people like her who cost the party members everyday.

    im all for free speech and she should be heard and responded to, but that doesnt change the fact that this invitation is a serious insult to our community.

  8. something to ponder...  

    What's the difference between Coulter and Ahmadinejad?
    1) The Iranian prez is good looking
    2) as president, he is actually relevant

    • ponder this

      He's good looking? I've seen better looking monkeys in the central park zoo. Anyway, levity aside, you should in all honesty be ashamed of yourself for tolerating his invitation but intimating a disapproval of her's. And I'm no fan of her I might add. I think she's a blathering, foul-mouthed idiot.

  9. kuwadick  

    So, which one of the republicans did Chris Kuwalik mind-meld with before going off to join the neo-conservative Limbaugh circuit?

  10. my god  

    the anti-christ is coming

  11. Surfin' UWS  

    I sense:

    A) Protest from hipsters.

    B) Shame from republicans who aren't utter asshats being represented by good old A.C. (me).

    C) At least two separate incidents of eye-gouging from people bumping into her shoulder blades.

    • truthhurts

      learn your anatomy, you can't see her shoulder blades/scapulas in this picture, and you'd have to run into her back to poke your eyes out on them....maybe you meant her acromioclavicular joints? but if you are really that jealous of someone thinner than you, that's not a good reason to not like them

  12. Shoe Thrower  

    If I throw a show at her do I:

    A) Get dragged off by security and then sent to jail


    B) Become a national (or even local) hero?

    I'd be willing to take my chances and go for either option!

  13. can i get a word in?  

    why is it during sr. dinner!

  14. white whine  

    during senior dinner!!!!!!!!!!??????????? uggggghhhhhhhhhh

  15. she is  


    • i think  

      she's coming to columbia so that we can give her PR people a hot fuss once again. the best thing that can happen to her is if she can get columbia (bill o'reilly's university of havana-north) riled up. it proves her relevance once again, and gives republicans more of that anti-intellectual farm-cred. eesh!


    I hope this doesn't turn into some embarrassing shit show like the Minutemen. I really don't need my mom to call me up and tell me that my school is on Fox News again. There have GOT to be some thoughtful/intelligent speakers the Republicans can get instead of this polarizing-for-the-hell-of-it deluded alarmist windbag. Oh wait, they feel like media-whoring in the grand tradition of Kulawik. Thanks douche bags!

  17. she probably  

    also lost some of her other book money in the financial shit storm--thus the need for more dollars.

    i wonder what she thinks of columbia as compared to not-the-agricultural-trade-school-cornell!

    p.s. her shoulder blades are puke-a-riffic

  18. i think...  

    Everyone should just ignore her.

    I hope and pray that only the 12 people in the College Republicans show up to her hatefest.

  19. meh  

    what a great use of SGB funds

  20. hmmm  

    republicans at it again. david horowitz last week and ann coulter next? what's next...

  21. yeah  

    Let's start a movement: DON'T protesting, DON'T show up at all. Have the crickets have free reign.

    In the words of Paul Anka, "Just don't look, just don't look"

    Which, btw, how many people showed up to david horowitz?

  22. EAL  

    I'm a conservative who vehemently disagreed with Salz and Co. about bringing in Coulter and Horowitz. I just don't understand why they feel the need to invite ideologues to come here. There are smart conservatives (no, that phrase isn't an oxymoron) out there. Please invite some. I refuse to attend this, but then again senior dinner will be going on, so I'll have more important things to do.

    And for the love of God, please don't protest this or rush a stage. You're only feeding upon her stereotypes by doing this.

  23. McFister

    The event will be ticketed, but will it be picketed?

  24. chucky

    It would make a stronger statement if no one showed up to see her speak. It's honestly pointless anyway. Someone should organize a boycotting of this speaker. No one sign up for tickets, no one protest. Everyone should just go on doing what they normally do.

  25. Meghan McCain  

    Fuck it, I'm switching parties.

  26. i don't think  

    anything will happen. She drops the f-bomb a lot and is generally a bigot, but because she has not (recently) targeted an ethnic community, I don't think there will be a militant counter-response from students. With the Minutemen, Horowitz, Ashcroft, etc. there were specific communities who had been targeted by the speaker; with Ann Coulter, less so.

  27. Dear Ann Coulter:  

    Fuck you. I hope your family are able to lead normal lives.

  28. crickets  

    again posing the ever-present question: Who cares? shes a nobody that writes stupid books because all of her once nationally syndicated columns got cancelled. no she's reduced to calling people "fags", presenting awards to CU alum Matt "Rod Majors" Sanchez, and hanging out with an equally irrelevant Bill Maher. The point is, may 4th is a nice day to enjoy the last day of classes and then party late into cinco de mayo. I'm definitely not wasting my time here

  29. a liberal confession  

    i find coulter's perverse conservative mind--and long long legs--aggravatingly sexy

  30. ahahahahah  


    oh lord.

    If enough of us go and heckle her, there's not much they can do about it, right? I definitely plan to...

  31. Coulter? Really?  

    What is the CU GOP going to do next to get attention? Light an effigy of Obama on fire at the Sundial?

  32. gang bang

    i wish she would do a conservative politico gang bang instead when she comes here...dont speak, just open her legs like all of us leftist, liberal, jesus-hating, muslim-loving, contraceptive using, morally bereft people...i wonder if she could take it at the same time in both holes...

  33. surprised alum

    Wow. After a semester of doing absolutely nothing, the College Republicans have gone back to the (good old?) Kulawik days by bringing back Horowitz & now bringing Coulter. Do you think Kulawik called them and told them they were ruining his media-whoring opportunities by not causing controversy at Columbia? I'm sure FoxNews is going to call him to be on TV for this if something happens so he can rail against his alma mater & rehash how miserable his life was in college. Interestingly, although Salz is definitely the new Kulawik, she isn't even the president of the club. Executive Director seems like their VP because Joe Charalel, who seems like a quiet guy who sends listserve e-mails, is the President. But I bet in the Kulawik days, there weren't even any officers besides Kulawik, especially someone with a title that sounds as meaningless as "Executive Director."

    • not  

      sure exactly what your point is, but Salz is pretty much the head of the club. The only reason she is VP and not President is because Freshmen can't be the CUGOP's president.

    • Wow -

      People invent such elaborate stories to try to explain very simple situations.

      You can't just throw together an event with a speaker like Coulter or Horowitz at the last minute. Funding, scheduling, reservations, etc., take considerable time and advance notice. This isn't a case of some "controversial" speakers being tacked on suddenly at the end of the year - I'm sure this just happens to be the time that both were available and it was possible to have them.

      The CRs have had a number of events and speakers throughout the year. Coulter and Horowitz are just a few they thought might be of interest; it's silly to get so worked up about it.

  34. question  

    this is serious...or as serious as bwog comments can be. Can someone please explain to me why, if Ann Coulter believes her own shtick (which is a big assumption, I grant), she is out in the big, wide world competing with men? Shouldn't she be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen? Am I wrong and thinking that is what her position on (other) women is?



  36. Please,  

    please no one go. I love Columbia, and this is my final semester. Let's prove we really are above all this. Let's make our last day something to remember fondly. Even if any of is tempted to go for the hell of it, let's not. Let's ask ourselves what we have to gain, on any level, by going, and realize the answer is: nothing. Let's ask what we can prove about our character by NOT going, and realize the answer is: everything.

    • voice of reason  

      i agree wholeheartedly.

      coulter has made a CAREER out of being irrational and inflammatory. her political platform just cannot be taken seriously, and she has literally nothing interesting/relevant to offer.


      sure, go ahead and attend her event, but be respectful and gracious. she's probably looking for a fight... don't give her the pleasure! if you engage with her in a calm and reasoned manner, i get the feeling that she'll just run out of things to say, and her shtick will be exposed for what it is - a reactionary, inflammatory load of shit.

      if you really want to "beat coulter", don't provoke her. don't throw shit at her, don't protest her, don't cause a scene. just let her blather to her fanclub of imbeciles until publishers realize that she doesn't evoke enough ire/attention to be profitable.

      let. her. fizzle. out. please?

  37. NO ONE GO  


    The Dems should use their money to sponsor a Boycott Coulter party at Pourhouse. Subsidized 40s = no one will go to this circus. Easy.

  38. ...  

    this is just proof that it's not just the left who can be batshit crazy around here.

    i mean, seriously. ann coulter? you would think columbia republicans would be a bit smarter than that...

  39. Ittai  

    Can we please throw a protest to drown out her disgusting nonsense? Poster-making party!!

  40. thinking person

    I thought that this was a school for smart people. Reading all these comments it appears that most of the students here are mentally challenged and immature. I am sad to see what this country is coming to. In the beginning it was started by the greatest thinkers and its ending up in the hands of people who have no brains, no brains whatsoever!!

  41. ben

    sure. boycott. but make sure you order tickets!!! we can force the mini-repugs to hang ou on the sundial with us while none hears a word that piss-poor writer says.

  42. lets  

    take up all the tickets and not go

  43. CU Student

    This is really sad---look at the comments above and imagine if anyone were to judge Columbia by the rationality of them. It's clear that we don't respect freedom of speech at all anymore--why must we interrupt conservative talks? Are we afraid to let them speak? Are popular liberal ideas the only ones with any value? Liberal education means hearing multiple points of view. Did all of you refuse to read Edmund Burke in CC? Or the Bible and St. Augustine in Lit Hum?

    Bottom line--nearly every comment above attacks the woman (that's ad hominem for us ivy leaguers :) ). If you're serious, you'll engage her arguments, and drop the comments about her appearance. They're weak.

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