Dreamboat Alert!: Born in 1991 Edition

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Spotted: Anthony Da Costa–the most electrifying thing to happen to acoustic guitar since actual electric guitars–at the Days on Campus activities fair, currently in Roone.

Says he’s definitely headed to Columbia in the fall, and has his sights set on living in John Jay. (Ladies, take note.) Plus: he’s walking around with his mom–be still our hearts!


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  1. postcrypt.  

    congrats, anthony!!!!

  2. i dont get it  

    what is the big deal.

  3. 2013  

    was borin in 1991, generally.
    do your math, bwog.

  4. yo yo  

    I don't get it... Does Jim Downie have a man crush on this dude or what's the deal? Bwog is crazy about this fella to a degree that's getting weird

  5. lolol  

    does anyone besides the one creep who keeps posting on this guy actually care?
    ok, we get it JNW. you are into younger men. we dont want to know all the details. stop please

    • agreed  

      bwog you have a tendency to latch on to a particular freshman or 2 from each entering class and it makes a decent fraction of the rest of campus resent them (a la Stephan). Don't do it - it isn't fair to them, or us.

  6. SEAS DEAN  

    Announced. See Spec!

  7. word  

    enthusiasm over some kid with a guitar is not warranted.

  8. so why  

    not treat this kid with the same vitriol as you treated Stephan Vincenzo? This kid came to an Ivy league college during his high-school weekends played folk guitar with a bunch of hipsters.

    Bwog, take a hard look at yourselves.

  9. poor kid  

    How long until he becomes a character in the Varsity Show?

  10. yeah  

    incredibly annoying, what is this shit?

  11. you guys  

    need to chill out. maybe you should check him out before you criticize

  12. listen first, talk second  

    chill out. this guy is pretty legit. nothing like stephan. maybe the attention is actually warranted?

  13. this  

    is the most bizarre bwog post i've seen yet.

  14. hmmm  

    What about all those dreamy guys that already go here and build a race car from scratch every year? They may always have black fingernails, but they are dreamboats nonetheless.

  15. ...  

    he looks like "somebody's little brother"

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