QuickSpec: Don’t You Worry Edition

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Sometimes kids don’t pay attention to ceremonies they don’t understand. Don’t worry, they’ll care more about their heritage later

Of course, young man, I’ll let you use your laptop for non-academic purposes in class. Just this once.

Fare hikes are a’comin! Good thing Columbia Alumni Association is on the case

Awkward life? There’s always Xanga.

Cold heart? Well… uh, don’t go to Africa.



  1. ugh  

    lauren salz is a fool! what an un-nuanced analysis of impoverished conditions!

    • agreed  

      Can we put a ban on quick-spec'ing salz's articles? At the very least could you put the authors names in parenthesis next to the articles so I know whether or not to click.

  2. alum

    I think LSalz's article served only to perpetuate the rich Republican stereotype. I wish she could pay for my food for 6 months.

  3. the GOP  

    those orphans should stop whining - pull yourself up by your bootstraps and learn the power of self-reliance!

    at the very least, let's let them starve with dignity


  4. i hate lauren salz  

    so much and i've never even met her. those articles are like toxic waste

    • well

      as a ridiculously liberal person who actually *knows* (and is friends with) lauren i can say that she is a very nice person. that being said, i completely agree with you about the articles being toxic waste. her viewpoints disturb me. but i don't hate her.

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