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Bwog’s Japanese Culture in Small, Enclosed Units Specialist Liz Naiden has evaluated the sushi of Morningside, and she has some surprising results.

Pre-made sushi is the best food from a box (though only the second best thing that can be in a box) there ever could be. It’s refreshing, healthy, readily available, and you can get it for pretty cheap if you are willing to venture outside of Columbia Dining. Pretty much every food spot with a fridge sells box sushi these days–Westside, Morton, M2M–the list goes on. So where do you head for the freshest, cheapest, most perfectly succulent California roll?

Bwog’s pick is undoubtedly M2M. Not only do lots of Asian people shop there (always a good sign), but M2M has got the goods for a damn good price. The California rolls are $3.50 for white rice and $4.00 for brown, and they are fresh, plump, juicy, and tightly rolled. This may be partly due to the nice big serving of avocado, an ingredient on which M2M’s competitors tend to skimp.

Morton is a close second with California rolls of brown and white rice going for $4.95 each. These are pretty good–a good hand put them tightly together–and the ingredients taste fresh all around. The only exception was the slightly stale, sesame seed-coated brown rice, which our official taste testers found “a little tiresome.” Admittedly, not all taste testers understand the brown rice “heath nutty whatever” craze.

Westside, though farthest from Butler, is generally a favorite for price, freshness, variety and jovial atmosphere. Unfortunately, not where sushi is concerned. You can tell from the minute you find yourself wandering the depths of the store to find the sushi that Westside is not a good idea. Westside’s sushi tends to be stale, square, and thinly cut. There is a healthy serving of roe on top, but the sushi is still an inferior pariah, relegated to second class status in the back of the market. No view of the sushi from the front of the store means no impulse buyers (yeah, that’s why the desserts are there) and stale sushi. You’d think they’d be offering a fine little deal to sell the stuff from back there. But alas, $6.50 a pop, when you’ve walked that far, is no deal.


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  1. Please use spell check  

    It's avOcado!

  2. jesus  

    comparing california rolls to rate sushi is absurd. you need to at least go with a tuna roll or something that is actually made out of real fish

  3. jesus 2

    WTF is with people in this school thinking that 4 blocks is "that far"? You are all ridiculous.

  4. wrong

    milano actually has by far the best sushi in the area. it's never stale, and the fish & avocado is always generous

    • i agree  

      so far milano has been the best. and they have large servings that aren't all rice.

      i used to be a huge fan of m2m but at one point their tuna became unreliable. i still go there tons, but i'd prefer milano.

  5. Best Burger Around

    The turkey burger at M2M is pretty good, but it is blown away by the HamDel version. Therefore, HamDel has the "best burger".

    That's how it works, right...?

  6. ...  

    "Not only do lots of Asian people shop there (always a good sign)..."

    this is some first rate journalism, bwog.

  7. bwog  

    bwog, sigh, can you please learn something about how to rate sushi before writing a post like this? california rolls... seriously? lol.

  8. asd  

    this whole discussion is moot, as you should always go to saji for sushi in morningside. cheap, they deliver, and its actually made fresh.

  9. anon

    How about the best falfel or lack of in Morningside? Its pretty pathetic since its really easy to eat on the go.
    Nusbaum & Wu has some sushi, but I wonder if the stuff I see in the Morning at 9am is fresh or left over from the day before...YIKES

  10. what about  

    the WU part of Nussbaum? how does that sushi stack up?

  11. we all know

    That bwog food reviews have uniformly sucked since iscoe stopped writing them.

  12. To all saji's fellators:  

    This post reviewed pre-made sushi. Seriously, chill.

  13. WTH  


  14. SAGA

    On Amsterdam and 123rd, is the best.

  15. first time commenter  

    its so funny how bwog commenters get so worked up over nothing

  16. re:  

    ok, so I don't care really about sushi, but I did want to see what else was good in a box, so to waste time I followed bwog's link-AHHHH---awesomeeeeeee video.

    I must be the only one in the world though who has not seen it judging by how many hits it had.

    Thanks Bwog

    and don't worry california roll is sushi if they package it and categorize it under the banner of sushi--lord!

  17. Sadao

    I buy a package of sushi at Safeway once in a while. It's cheap and not bad at all for a grocery store sushi.

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