Hartley Laundry Room Rises From The Ashes

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 Image via the BBC

For once in your life (savor the moment) something’s been completed before facilities said it would be!

Tipsters report that the Hartley laundry room is back in business today after last week’s spontaneous combustion; the email Housing sent out didn’t anticipate the laundry room’s return until Monday, the 27th.

Not only do “all the machines seem to be working,” but the room is also “really clean.”  “Cleaner,” in fact, than Bwogger-About-Town Adam Kuerbitz has “ever seen it.”  Clean laundry in a clean laundry room!  It’s the simple things.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Kudos to the HP reference.

  2. Watch Out  


  3. Ummm...  

    There's yet another fire alarm coming from hartley/wallach... and firetrucks in the vicinity.
    What's going on??

  4. phi beta kappa  

    notifications are in

  5. moral  

    the moral of the story is that to get anything done at Columbia you have to start a fire

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