Free Food, Final Freedoms

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Second breakfast, charcoal, and quaintness – it’s yours on Sunday morning.

It’s all thanks to a school spirit organization, a women’s college, and an outdated, ye-olde-style philosophical debate group.

First on the agenda this morning, WBAR has their annual WBAR-B-Q on Lehman Lawn at 11:00 AM.  It’s free, several bands are playing, and there are probably hamburgers.  It’s a wonderfully carnivorous lunch.

At the same time, the Philolexian Society will be hosting their croquet and tea party on the steps.  They promise “a small spread of victuals” whilst you piddle the morning away hitting wooden balls in a circle and making delightful exclamations.

That should only last an hour because Bacchanal will be taking over at noon for their Bagels and Beanbags.  They’ll have your post-lunch breakfast and hackysacks, moving from the 1950’s into the 1960’s.

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  1. wbarbq  

    not seeing any hamburgers yet, but there are cotton candy and snowcone machines set up. booyah.

  2. ummmm

    Still no food...come on wbar, I'm hungry!

  3. Philo  

    Note: Croquet Tea has been moved to Lewisohn Lawn.

  4. Sadia

    Can someone please report the contents of the WBAR dining menu? I heard murmurings of chicken and rice, but I won't leave butler until I know for sure...

  5. BWOG  

    I just saw someone in a Chipmunk costume walking by...look into it

  6. ___  

    it's supposed to be chicken and rice platters for $2 I think

  7. wbar  

    sucked. there was NO bbq. there was chicken and rice for 2 bucks, but it wasnt THE chicken and rice man. and snowcones for $1.00. and the music didnt start until very very late.

  8. josie

    "and the music didnt start until very very late."

    is todd p running this?

  9. THE chicken and rice man  

    don't sell his goods so cheap, bastard.

  10. (home alone ref)  

    WBAR, your concert goers: woof.

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