Damn the (wo)Man

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Roy Den Hollander just can’t seem to catch a break. Today, the Business School ’97 alum’s lawsuit against Columbia for failing to offer a “men’s studies” class was dismissed yet again. This afternoon, an evil feminist cloaked as Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected Hollander’s claim that “feminism is a religion.” Kaplan countered that feminism is “no more a religion than physics, and at least the core of the complaint is therefore frivolous.”

Hollander fought back by telling City Room that, in fact, the “only thing frivolous and absurd is men looking for justice in the courts of America.” Them’s fighting words, Roy. Can’t wait to see what our favorite alum comes up with next. Solidarity. 



  1. Are you kidding me?  


  2. Really?  

    Seriously? A men's studies program? What do you think History is?

  3. woo

    doesn't he have better things to do?

    • nope  

      1997 was a tough year for wall street so B-School students, being the giant tools that they are, naturally became had no alternative but to become a toolish version of hippies. Let's hope 2009 doesn't lead to more Roy Hollanders.

      I bet the girls are all over this guy

  4. also  

    can anyone explain to me how, even if Columbia is found to be discriminatory for not offering men's studies, Roy Hollander gets entitled to $ compensation, particularly given that Men's studies would presumably be a liberal arts and not business department?

  5. Mommy Issues  

    What a dangerously insane individual.

  6. alum

    they study the whole spectrum -- including men/masculinity -- in gender studies. perhaps he can audit a course if he is interested and learn about himself. :)

  7. confused?  

    wait, I thought the core curriculum was men's studies?

  8. seriously?  

    The deflation of the collective b-school ego almost justifies this recession.

  9. Well,

    I disagree with the view that he stated in the quotation attributed to him. Feminism may not be a religion, but it is no doubt an ideology.

  10. ALERT

    Thanks Bwog! :)

    I'll keep my eye out for more

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