The Nexus’s New Name Will Hunt You Down

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At the “coolest” part of Barnard’s Spirit Day – “Celebrity Scoops,” where administrators served free ice cream to students – President Deborah Spar announced that the Nexus will now be known as “The Diana” (yes, just “The Diana”).

The new moniker replaces the unofficial name of “The Vagelos Center,” a change that possibly maybe perhaps almost certainly came about because of the building instantly being nicknamed “The Vag.” Not only is it the first name of Diana Vagelos, whose family gave $15 million to the project, but, as President Spar noted in her announcement, “Diana is the goddess of female power and strength.” Spar did not note that Diana is also a virgin, the goddess of the hunt and chastity, and notable for her enjoyment of revenge, often taken on men.

A quick informal naming survey suggested that students in attendance approved of the name. Then again, several attendees also commented that, with that much money, the Vagelos family “can name it whatever they want.”


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  1. So....  

    we can just call it the Vag?

    k sweet thanks

  2. Yep  

    "We're Still Calling It The Vag"

  3. clg  

    yeah, something tells me that the only people that will call it "the diana" are the humorless and self-righteous among us.

  4. yes  

    the Diana lol. What a cop-out. That's like calling Lerner the Alfred.

  5. no, Diana  

    Still calling it the Vag.

  6. alright  

    after class at the "Alexander" I'm going to the "Joseph Murray" to get a book for my research paper and then I'm probably going to "Ferris" for dinner, which is located in the "Alfred" Some buildings have first names, others don't for a reason.

  7. hahaha  

    Diana, the goddess of chastity, representing Barnard women. mwahahahaha I love DSpar. She has such a diabolical cunning sense of humor.


    Just call it the Vagina center. Let's not be coy here by calling it the Vag. Vagina Center. Not Diana. Not Vag. Just straight up Vagina.

  9. cc '10

    yep sticking to calling it the vag

  10. cc '10


    * sticking with calling it the vag

    my b

  11. AJ PASCUA  

    What about AJ Pascua???

    • Not AJ  

      you guys are pathetic - honestly your behavior has been absolutely disgraceful on bwog and I'm ashamed to go to school with asshats like you guys - grow the fuck up. alright

      ... and now back to something that we can all enjoy - making vagina jokes about barnard:

      I'll be damned if this "Diana" is gonna pun-block (fyi this is worse than a cock-block) the entire Columbia campus. To defeat the evil ways of this prude you gotta go with the same strategy as at 1020: setup "the diana" with hot, glassy, wheelchair-accessible "the alfred" across the street... then come in the Vag.


  12. trivia  

    so how many guys can the Vag take at once?

  13. for dance class,  

    I can't wait to enter Diana and get all hot and sweaty.

  14. Hello...  

    "hey, what's up?"

    "Hey! I'm inside Diana, and I'm, er... reading a newspaper?"

  15. The Artemis  

    would have been a much better choice.

  16. this is dumb  

    I almost can't believe that this family is so desperate to name it after this person that they will go to the lengths of calling it 'the Diana." What an idiotic name for a building! I'm glad people will keep calling it the Vag, though I do not object to people saying things like "come inside Diana" and whatnot.

    Also, this is great: "Spar did not note that Diana is also a virgin, the goddess of the hunt and chastity, and notable for her enjoyment of revenge, often taken on men." True??

  17. it's been said before  

    but will Barnard be painting the walls of Diana red once each month?

  18. what?  

    no Indiana jokes?

  19. How about

    "The Di"? Looking four years out, that seems like the most likely name for the building.

  20. fuck this, lets be honest

    women are things.

  21. has anyone noticed  

    that "The Diana" is really hard to say three times fast? What an awkward name... I vote for Diana's Vag

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