One day after voting to impeach University Senator Rajat Roy, ESC Executive Board released the following statement through council president Peter Valeiras:

“On Monday (April 27), the Engineering Student Council voted to impeach Senator Rajat Roy from council due to his negligence in fulfilling his responsibilities as outlined in the constitution. The move to call for his impeachment was the culmination of a number of meetings between the council’s Executive Board and Rajat.  Each time we sought an improvement in communication between Rajat and the council, or at least with the E-Board. Yet, we did not see the improvements that we were promised by Rajat and this lack of communication with the ESC, along with other issues, resulted in the council’s vote for his impeachment. 

The proceedings were closed because they pertained to matters internal to the council.  There was no need for the Senate to speak on his behalf because we were not questioning his accomplishments within the Senate, but rather his methods and relationship to the ESC.  However, we did allow a faculty member who chairs one of the Senate committees that Rajat serves on to speak on his behalf.”

UPDATE: Roy tells Bwog that he was not told the specific charges until Monday, even though the ESC constitution requires that both sides be given “at least one week” to prepare arguments.