Like many other college campuses, Columbia sees an explosion of events every April, as the warm weather and the pending exam period leads groups to trip over each other in occupying Low Plaza. The overlaps are hardly without amusement, of course: Bwog looks forward immensely to the 4/20 screening of Alice in Wonderland coinciding with the second half of Days on Campus (“Yeah, Mom, Columbia’s just like Brown!”).

Other screw-ups, though, verge somewhat more into the embarrassing category, and this year’s best example comes courtesy of our friends on the Columbia College Student Council, who scheduled not one but two events during the annual Take Back the Night march. Yes, tomorrow night students will be able to choose between marching against sexual violence, a Class of 2010 dinner at Campo, or, for the other three classes, King’s Ball: Bollywood Adventure in Roone (UPDATE: CCSC 2010 has moved now its class dinner to 7 p.m., though King’s Ball remains overlapping). Not since the days of “Pregame Lol!” vs. Barack Obama has such a critical event showdown confronted the campus.

In CCSC’s defense, the council has recognized the conflict, and has already taken steps to show its support for the march: CCSC members will be joining the march as it passes by Campo and then the Columbia campus. Nevertheless, since this is not the first calendaring mishap this year, perhaps next year’s council should check out this helpful site.