If The Party Party wins its race against The Clear Party, it won’t be because of disqualification. According to Elections Board President James Bogner, early this morning, the CCSC Elections Board and current CCSC president George Krebs ruled that “there was not sufficient evidence presented by The Party to prove that the Clear Party, ‘encouraged, requested or solicited’ according to the Candidate Rules and Regulations, the support of those making changes to their Facebook page.” Voting ends tonight at 7 pm. The explanation emailed to the parties after the jump.


To whom it may concern:

At 10:26 am on April 21, 2009, The Party Party filed a rules violation against the Clear Party. In their claim, The Party Party stated that the Clear Party had violated the moratorium because their (the Clear Party’s) supporters updated their Facebook status showing their support for the Clear Party. The Party Party cites Section 3c of the rules: “Rules violations committed by supporters will be treated as if the candidates committed them.”

The rebuttal of the Clear Party was that The Party Party had had its supporters change their Facebook profile pictures to a campaign flyer for The Party Party.

The CCSC Elections Board decides that there has been no rules violation. This decision references the specific definition of supporters also defined in Section 3c: “Candidates are responsible for the campaign-related actions of those whom they encourage, request, or solicit to support the campaign.” Thus, while members of the Clear Party did publicly approve the profile updates made by student body members, it cannot be concluded from the evidence provided that the Clear Party solicited these endorsements. Thus, it is the Elections Board’s decision that there has been no rules violation.

The Elections Board