-Photo via YouTube

Kurt Hinterbichler, a grad student in the Columbia physics department, joined 95 other musicians from around the world to play in a multimedia concert sponsored by YouTube. About 3,000 musicians submitted audition videos to the site, and YouTube patrons, with their refined taste, selected the winners from the top 200 submissions. Given the musicians, hailing everywhere from South Korea to Reno, had only two days to practice together, the show seems to have gone pretty well.

Hinterbichler, who has a website displaying his scribbles (which seem to be fodder for heated debate), his musical compositions and his theory of the universe, filmed an introductory video played during the concert. He, as did the Prime Minister of South Korea, also starred in second video to promote the event. According to the concert’s website, there is going to be a documentary about the YouTube orchestra, and since Hinterbichler appears in the trailer, he will probably appear in the movie as well. 

Kudos to Hunterichler, who joins the pantheon of kick-ass Columbia grad students.